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A Day in the Life: Manager of Football Operations Kate Kost

The glue. That's the simplest way to explain who Kate Kost is for the Los Angeles Rams.

As the Manager of Football Operations, she assists with ALL team logistics and travel for training camp, the offseason program and both home and away games.

A big part of Kost's role is in the preparation, but also being able to adjust and react on the fly.

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For every mode of transportation, hotel stayed in and stadium played in, Kost has already met with all the respective staff to walk through every detail in advance to ensure it's business as usual when the team arrives.

"For majority of the year I am on the clock 24/7 working behind the scenes to make sure the team is able to operate and have everything they need to be in the best position to win," Kost said.

This line of work is definitely a lifestyle. It comes with endless sacrifice, working weekends, phone calls at all hours, missing holidays and much more. Kost is the ultimate go-to and first responder for anything the team needs.

"Our GM [Les Snead] always says 'You aren't in this job for hugs,'" Kost laughed. "Operations is one of those departments that when you don't hear anything that means everything is running smooth."

For Kost, it's the people that make her crazy lifestyle worth the thankless grind.

"The relationships you build, the family atmosphere we have here and the feeling you get after a win makes the time you put in all worth it!"

Kost grew up playing every sport her mom would let her play.

"My passion for sports continued through college where I studied Sport Administration, played volleyball competitively and worked in the football office as part of a work-study program to help pay for my tuition," Kost explained.

And that's where Kost completely fell in love with the game of football.


She then went on to earn her MBA with a sport concentration leading her to her start in the NFL – an operations internship with the Cleveland Browns.

Her next NFL move was to Atlanta to work in personnel for the Falcons under Les Snead.

When Snead became the Rams General Manager, he asked Kost to make the trip, where she's now entering her eighth season with the team.

"I am one of the few females working in football operations for the NFL," Kost said. "I am proud to be a part of this league; the NFL is making great strides to hire more females on the football operations side of the business while encouraging the mindset that if you can help a team succeed, there is a place for you."

Kate's Typical Game Day

5AM - Wake up

5:30AM - Get a workout or run in

6:30AM - Shower and grab a coffee (extra shots of espresso, please!)

·      Pack up my suitcase

7:30AM - Report to Meal Room to meet with hotel contact and make sure we are set for the morning with meals and departure

8:30AM - Receive a wakeup call list

·      Make sure everyone that did not answer is awake or coming down to the meal room

·      Make sure buses have arrived and are staged outside of the hotel

·      Assist with any trouble shooting at the hotel

9:30AM -   1st Team Bus Departure

·      Text our Head of Equipment to let them know the first set of buses are on the way

·      Follow up with the stadium and make sure all pre-game locker room needs, food, etc. have been delivered

10:10AM- Give all players and staff a five-minute warning for final bus departure

10:15AM - Double check with our Director of Player Engagement that all players have been accounted for

11:00AM - Arrive at stadium / Assist with any pre-game needs or help any department in need

1:00PM - Kick-Off

·      During game I'm on the field to help trouble shoot any issues that may arise, etc.

Half-Time - Head to the post-game area to make sure it is set up and ready for the caterer.

3rd Quarter – Normally when TSA, the airline and meal caterer arrives at the stadium for an away game

·      I greet them out by the buses, go over anything we need to for departure and give them credentials for the stadium.

·      The post-game meal caterer normally arrives towards the end of the 3rd quarter so I help them get set up and ready.

Post-Game - Head directly to the TSA area to assist with the check-in process and also help get our players and their family to the post-game friends & family area

·      Once everyone is checked in and on the buses, we head to the airport.

8:30PM-3:00AM- Get back home depending on the location of the game

Then back at work the next day by 6am to workout to get ready for the next week!

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