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Watts Rams play in Southern California Conference Super Bowl XII Championship at SoFi Stadium 

The Watts Rams are your new Pop Warner Football Champions! The Watts Rams 10U and 12U division teams recently played in the Pop Warner Southern California Conference (SCC) Super Bowl XII at SoFi Stadium. Last year, the SCC of Pop-Warner Cheer & Football was the first youth sports organization to play at SoFi Stadium and the Watts Rams had two teams participate.

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"The teams that are playing are resilient on the field. All the life lessons that we teach them are starting to come up during the game," said Marc Maye, General Manager of the Watts Rams. "Throughout the program we try to use a holistic approach and use different resources to help these kids, but we use football as the hook. These kids' lives are changing because of this program. They get an opportunity to do something with football and allow football to make them even better. This is history!"

Throughout the Watts Rams Road to SoFi Stadium, two of the program's four teams advanced from league play, through playoffs, to the league's Super Bowl. At the beginning of the season, the Watts Rams players and coaches set out to make it to the Super Bowl, making this a special moment for the players, their parents, and the entire program. The Watts Rams 10U team played the West Valley Rebels and the Watts Rams 12U team played the Palos Verdes Mavericks.

"We have been calling this the Road to SoFi Stadium. To have two out of our four teams make it here is special for our program," said Maye." Being here for the first Championship last year and watching the Rams and the Super Bowl at SoFi Stadium brought a different type of energy. This year the kids wanted their own championship. Last year they played in the championship and did not win which made them even more hungry to win this year."

Tyler Allen and Watts Ram offensive lineman scored the game-winning touchdown for his team. He shared his thoughts about the final moment that led to their win and their season.

"When I got the touchdown, I wanted to tear up. There was so much going through my head, I did not know how to express it. The score was 6-7 and I was scared I would get tackled, but we won," said Allen. "This season has been good, but we had our challenges. We had to get better and even compete against the teams that had beaten us before, but we pushed ourselves and had fun. Having the Rams support us makes me feel like I am a part of their team. We played and won at SoFi Stadium and now I feel like I am a part of the NFL."

The Watts Rams are your new Pop Warner Football Champions! The Watts Rams 10U and 12U division teams recently played in the Pop Warner Southern California Conference (SCC) Super Bowl XII at SoFi Stadium.

Southern California has produced some of the top football and cheerleading talent in the country. Serving youth ages 5 -14, the SCC is dedicated to the positive development of youth through their football and cheer programs.

For LAPD Officer Ranita James, this was her first-time coaching for the Watts Rams program. She expressed the importance of the young ladies on the Watts Rams seeing female representation on their coaching staff as well as being a police officer.

"Girls need to see more female representation so they know anything they want to do is possible. I want them to have the mentality of anything you can do, I can do better," said Officer James. "I want them to know that they can step in any arena of their life and do the same thing a guy can do. The young ladies seeing me as a female coach allows them to aspire to be in an authoritative position, but also be kind and fun in their position."

LAPD Officer Steve Rodriguez has been coaching the Watts Rams for three years now. He spoke about how this program is benefiting children and bridging the gap between law enforcement and the community.

"We are bridging the gap between the community and the police department and even making friends while we are at it," said Officer Rodriguez. "These kids get to see us in a different light and at times they forget we are even police officers. We are humans just like them. Even their parents are truly appreciative for what we do for them. We pick up their children every day for practice which allows them to trust us. Additionally, the partnership that we have with the Rams allows these kids from Watts and South Central to play football and get off these streets. This is truly a great program and what better way to end the season than like this."

Entering the 2019 season, the Rams formalized their support of the Watts Rams (formerly known as the Watts Bears) and the LAPD's efforts to bridge community and police relations through the game of football. As part of the partnership, the Rams fund all components of the Watts Rams program, including uniforms and equipment. Each year, the Rams provide engagement opportunities with current players, alumni, coaches, scouts, football operations and front office staff to help expand their knowledge and ignite their passions beyond the playing field.

To learn more about the Rams' community efforts, please visit www.therams.com/community.

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