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Paul Castaneda: Rams fanhood is a family affair
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By Sydney Ringdahl Jan 27, 2021
Photographs By Jeff Lewis/ LA RAMS

When Paul Castaneda looks back on his childhood, it's the time spent cheering on the Rams with his family that stands out.

It was always a family affair with his two brothers, dad and mom.

"Mom would always scream and yell at the TV and, at times, scared us when she would jump up and yell and root for them, we never expected that from her!"

Castaneda's dad instilled the Rams passion into his family, always making it fun and always making it a family event.

"Spending that quality time with the family was so special to me and that is how we created our memories with my father, though he is no longer on this earth I know he is still cheering from above."

"I know he is still cheering from above."

Castaneda is now creating those same memories with his son, James, like his father did before him.

"I have so many wonderful memories with my son watching the Rams. From even going to St. Louis to watch them play and calling my son when he was 18-months-old saying to him go Rams and telling him some day you will be here watching them play."

Little did he know years later the Rams would return to Los Angeles.

"Some day you will be here watching them play."

Taking James to the first regular season Rams games at the Coliseum in 2016 against Seattle remains a special moment between the two.

They soon became Season Ticket Members and the excitement for gamedays only grew.

"He [James] would always be up so early in the morning to wake us up to get to the game on time we didn't need an alarm clock."

His son's excitement also stems from seeing Castaneda dressed as Iron Ram.

"I get to see James happy face every time he sees me dress up in my Rams costume as one of the superfans and he feels so happy to see his father on television all the time."

For Castaneda, dressing as Iron Ram makes him feel like he's part of the team.

Not only is he rooting for them but pumping up other fans around him to cheer louder, and then savor the feeling of having helped the Rams get the W.

"I feel privileged to be a superfan of such a great and inspiring team as the Rams."

Like father like son, James is making his fandom known as well.

"He wears shirts of the Rams all the time and tells his teachers at school every time the Rams win. All his friends and teachers know he's a hard-core Rams fan at his age of six-years-old."

While it was difficult this year not being able to make memories in the new Rams House, Castaneda and his family continued to make memories from home.

"We can't wait to go inside SoFi Stadium and build more memories as a family. We are so blessed to have a great team back home in LA."

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