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Ramon Sanchez: Family, sombreros, and stiff arms
Faces of the #RamsHouse features incredible stories that highlight the passion of Rams fans
By Sydney Ringdahl Nov 14, 2020
Photographs By Jeff Lewis/ LA RAMS

50 years. That's how long Ramon Sanchez has been a Rams fan, since a second-grade field trip.

A must-have for gameday?

"Tailgating and wearing my sombrero with horns!"

And of course, family.

For Sanchez being a Rams fan is the enjoyment with family it brings.

Luckily, that enjoyment is also found in watching some of the Rams greats – past and present.

Jack Youngblood earned the number one spot as his favorite past Ram.

"He's the John Wayne of the NFL."

As for his favorite current Ram…


"He’s the John Wayne of the NFL."

"I love seeing Cooper Kupp stiff arm defenders."

So, here's to family, sombreros with horns and stiff arms.

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