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Sam Scaffide: Arriving to Rams games in style
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By Sydney Ringdahl Feb 05, 2021
Photographs By Jeff Lewis/ LA RAMS

Have you ever seen a Grand Cherokee limo? Okay, but what about a Grand Cherokee limo wrapped in Rams logos and photos?

Sam Scaffide has been arriving in style to Rams games since their return to Los Angeles in 2016.

"I was a fan back in the 70's when they were in LA and had season tickets to see them at the Coliseum. They left and I lost my team. The minute they were back I got season tickets again, and even bought a limo, wrapped it in the Rams logo and photos that I drive to every home game."

Scaffide and his family had always taken a limo to games, so on the way home from a Rams game they started questioning why they didn't just have one of their own.

After looking around, a Grand Cherokee limo in Arizona became the winner.

"We are in the printing business, so we designed it the way we wanted it. My daughter, like me, loves the Rams so we put our heads together and came up with a design."

This Rams limo has been making its way around Southern California ever since.

"We drive it all over LA and OC. People are always taking pictures of it. We also take it to Lakers games when we can, family parties and any event we can go to! We're just having FUN!"

"We’re just having FUN!"

While the limo is a home game tradition, Scaffide has another gameday tradition he isn't blowing smoke about.

"I ALWAYS smoke a cigar before a game whether at home or before we head to the stadium. We flew to Tampa to see them live finally this season, and I made sure to find a local cigar bar I could go to before heading to the game."

The greatest tradition Scaffide has is sharing his love of the Rams and football with his family. Some of Scaffide's favorite Rams keepsakes are from his family.

"For Christmas a few years ago, my granddaughter and grandson-in-law dressed their daughter, my great-granddaughter, in a Rams jersey and took photos that I have around the house and on a coffee mug."

Both he and his wife are huge football fans who have been fortunate enough to attend 31 Super Bowls, including the Rams appearance in Super Bowl LIII.

"I got to see them with my daughter and son-in-law, along with my wife. All in all, I love the Rams, but I also love that I get to share that love with my loved ones."

"I love the Rams, but I also love that I get to share that love with my loved ones."

While this season kept the limo in park, Scaffide and his family will be back to arriving in style at SoFi Stadium next season.

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