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Jamon Brown Nominated for Sports Illustrated's Most Valuable Performer


For most football fans, the MVP title is reserved for players who showcase the best on-the-field talents throughout the NFL season. But this year, Sports Illustrated and CBS have teamed up to recognize those players with the best off-the-field talents — creating the Most Valuable Performer Award.

Players have been submitting their talent auditions to be used in four qualifying rounds hosted on SI.com. And this week, Rams right guard Jamon Brown is up for the honor.

His talent? Singing.

And if you check out the video below of him crooning John Legend's "Ordinary People," you'll see he's pretty good.

"I've been singing pretty much longer than I've been playing football," Brown said with a smile. "So, I've been singing my whole life."

When he's not working on his football skills and techniques, Brown can be found singing in the locker room, humming on the walk to meetings, or breaking out in song in the player's cafeteria.

"I would assume that [my teammates] would say I sing quite a lot," Brown said. "It's just a habit of mine, like biting your fingernails. I just kind of sing and don't even realize when I'm singing sometimes."

"He does," right tackle Rob Havenstein said. "But that's not a bad thing because he's a good singer."

But now it's up for the fans to decide. To vote for Brown and to find out the other players up for Week 3's MVP title, click here. And if you need any more convincing as to why you should vote for Brown, check out his personal sales pitch below:

"I mean everybody likes JB right?" Brown joked when asked why fans should vote for him. "But, I think I have some pretty good talent. I obviously want the people to go and check it out for themselves and vote for me if they would like to. I would love their votes."

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