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Model Genevieve Morton Named Official Rams Fan By Panini America


This season the Rams have found a new fan in a very unlikely place - deep within the pages of Sport's Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition, in six-time favorite Genevieve Morton. Morton will be featured on Panini America's "Fans of the Game" trading cards as the collection's official 2017 Rams Fan.

Panini America is the world's largest sports trading card company and is set to release their newest "Fans of the Game" pack later this month. The special edition collection, first released in 2004, features the likes of various celebrities, models, actors, and musical artists who get the chance to select their favorite sports teams for the upcoming season.

The swimsuit model, originally from South Africa, may not have grown up around the game of football, living in a country where rugby and soccer reign supreme, but upon her move to Los Angeles she was quick to buy into the incredible sports culture here in L.A.

"Having worked with* Sports Illustrated Swimsuit* for six years, I spent a lot of time around all kinds of sports," she said. "We went to a few of the Super Bowl games together over the years and I have grown a real appreciation for all of the traditional American sports."

Including football. Specifically, the Los Angeles Rams football team.

"I have made Los Angeles my home here in America and have been living here for the last five years," she said. "I really have grown to love this city and all that it has to offer. The Rams seemed like an obvious choice."

Though the team did not have the best run in their return to the city last year, racking up a 4-12 record, Morton is a lover of the underdog. She is ready for the team to make their comeback this year, beginning August 12th with a preseason matchup against the Cowboys and is excited to have the team back home in Los Angeles.

"The Rams have an all-around good team, both on offense and defense, as well as some exciting new, young talent," Morton said. "Hopefully they will make the playoffs this year. I think have a chance."

While she was certain of the team's positive future, when asked who her favorite player might be, the model seemed a bit less firm on her answer.

"There are a lot of good players on the team," she said, "I honestly can't pick just one."

One thing she is certain of however? Her starting position on the Rams roster.

"I would be a receiver," Morton said confidently. "I played left wing in field hockey, so I am fast and tenacious."

In addition to her tenacity and love of the game, the GQ cover model has big plans for the upcoming year.

"I have been working on a lot of fitness and lifestyle type projects that have been both challenging and inspiring," she said, "moving me into a new direction."

And though her career maybe changing, one thing is for sure - Morton will be on the sidelines this season rooting for her favorite L.A. team, the Rams.

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