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Quotes & Notes 9/20/18: DC Wade Phillips Talks Rivers, Shutouts 

Following each practice, Quotes and Notes will bring you what was said, who said it, and what it means for your Los Angeles Rams.

“When I was in San Diego, we drafted Philip and he’s been a winner ever since he’s been there.” -DC WADE PHILLIPS
  • Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips spoke at length on Thursday about his defense facing Chargers QB Philip Rivers in Week 3.
  • Phillips called Rivers "elite" because of his ability to recognize defenses and attack weak areas.
  • Rivers has thrown for more than 4,000 yards in nine of his 14 NFL seasons. He will face a hot Rams defense, which has now shut out its opponent in six straight quarters.
“If we can get in the right defense where he [QB Philip Rivers] has to throw it down the field against some pressure, that’ll be an advantage for us.” -DC WADE PHILLIPS
  • In order to get the best of Rivers, Phillips said the Rams will need an all-around, well executed defensive performance. If downfield options are covered, the more time the Rams' pass rushers will have to get to the quarterback.
  • The Rams only have two sacks through two games — partly due to how quickly the quarterbacks Derek Carr and Sam Bradford were getting rid of the ball.
  • Rivers was sacked 18 times in 2017, the fewest in a 16-game season of his career.
“I had a donut on my desk Monday morning.” -DC WADE PHILLIPS
  • Finally, Phillips was asked about his "You know I love donuts!" proclamation in the locker room after beating the Cardinals 34-0 in Week 2.
  • After a bit of donut talk, Phillips proudly stated that holding a team to zero points in the NFL is difficult to do and a major accomplishment.
“Coach Wade [Phillips] said he likes donuts, so we got to get the man what he wants.” -S JOHN JOHNSON
  • Safety John Johnson said on Thursday that the Rams' most recent shutout against the Cardinals is a testament of the work his defense has put in since April.
  • Johnson has certainly contributed to defense's impressive streak. He has 16 tackles and one interception through the first two games of the season.
“My first year as a coordinator in Washington, the Rams shut me out. I’m surprised I still got hired.” -HC SEAN McVAY
  • Head coach Sean McVay weighed in on the Rams shutout in Week 2, mentioning a time he was blanked by his current organization.
  • In 2014 as the offensive coordinator in Washington, McVay was shut out by the Rams 24-0. McVay's quarterback Colt McCoy was sacked six times in that game, once by defensive tackle Aaron Donald.
  • McVay said being shut out is humbling, but "it's about the about the process rather than the results."
“Obviously he has been in the game a long time so there’s nothing you can really throw at him that he hasn’t seen, so you definitely have to disguise certain things different ways so he won’t get a beat on what you’re doing.” -DT MICHAEL BROCKERS
  • Defensive tackle Michael Brockers echoed his coordinator's thoughts on Philip Rivers' ability to adjust to defensive schemes.
  • Rivers is a 15-year league veteran and seven-time Pro Bowler.