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RAMblings with Pharoh Cooper 

One missing part of the "we" has been number 10, Pharoh Cooper, who has been on Injured Reserve since week 1 of the regular season after suffering an ankle injury against the Oakland Raiders.

Ten weeks later, the third-year all-pro returner is looking to make his return to the Rams' 53-man roster. Here's my RAMblings with Pharoh Cooper.

Sarina: Fill in the blank, Colorado Springs is:

Pharoh: Cold (smiles)

Sarina: Pretty?

Pharoh: It's cold, pretty, nice. Nice weather. Nice scenery.

Sarina: Has it been nice to get away from L.A. for a little bit with the team?

Pharoh: It's been cool. Get that bond with the teammates in another state. It's been pretty cool. I haven't seen snow in forever so that pretty cool too.

Sarina: Favorite sport outside of football?

Pharoh: Probably ping pong.

Sarina: Ping Pong?

Pharoh: Ping pong.

Sarina: For real? Are you good at it?

Pharoh: Yeah, I'm the best one on the team.

Sarina: Where do you play?

Pharoh: Well, I played in college a lot and then I played when I was training a lot. But we don't really play at the facility.

Sarina: I know there's a ping pong table there.

Pharoh: We don't really play there.

Sarina: I had no idea.

Pharoh: Ping pong. Boxing. I mean, all that.

Sarina: Ah, yeah, you do box. Does that help out your speed?

Pharoh: Nah, just really for cardio, conditioning. Get my body right.

Sarina: Just something different versus running on a treadmill?

Pharoh: Yeah, it's fun. Keeps you in shape. Keep my abs right. You know, the little things.

Sarina: Are you the actual ping pong champion? Did you always play? Or did you figure it out here at the facility… like oh wow I'm really good.

Pharoh: Nah, I've been playing since I was young. My dad worked at an old spot in North Carolina. He had a ping pong table so I use to play when I was eight, nine, 10 years old. I just kept playing through college. I played in college every day. We had one in our dorm rooms, so we played every day.

Sarina: Have you won championships for this? Have you ever competed?

Pharoh: Nah, never competed. Just going against friends and all that.

Sarina: OK, so just bragging rights.

Pharoh: Yeah no tournaments or anything.

Sarina: Favorite workout to do?

Pharoh: Boxing for sure. Boxing and swimming.

Sarina: You're a good swimmer too?

Pharoh: Yeah, I could swim. I ain't like the best, but if I am in 12 feet of water, I ain't going to drown.

Sarina: How often do you box? You've been doing it a lot?

Pharoh: Probably three times a week.

Sarina: You did it before your recovery process?

Pharoh: Nah, when I got hurt, that's when I started boxing. It was fun!

Sarina: The Kansas City Chiefs are…

Pharoh: Explosive.

Sarina: How do you feel going into that game? Like that's the game you are coming back.

Pharoh: Yeah, Monday Night Football. It's the game I am supposed to be back. It's going to be great just going out there with the team and trying to take down another great team in the league so it's going to be fun. Monday night everyone is going to be watching. Primetime. So just for this game for me to be coming back is going to be great. I'm going to be amped up.

Sarina: We get to see number 10 out there on the field again.

Pharoh: Yeah, number 10 is back.

Sarina: In five years you want what…

Pharoh: In five years, I still want to be able to say I am still in the NFL.

Sarina: Your name is Pharoh. What is the most "king-like" thing about you?

Pharoh: Hm, can I say confidence? Maybe my confidence plays off of my name. I mean, I am a confident guy. Confidence plays off of my name.

Sarina: Your favorite city to visit or play football in outside of L.A.?

Pharoh: Probably Seattle.

Sarina: Because it's noisy? Why?

Pharoh: Yeah, they have a good crowd. Plus when we whoop it up on them, the crowd gets quiet so it's pretty fun. (Laughs) Plus last year I had a pretty big game there returning punts and kicks so I like playing in Seattle.

Sarina: What about a city you like because the city is cool?

Pharoh: Hmm, I don't really have one. Maybe Charlotte. I always have a pretty good time when I go to Charlotte, N.C.

Sarina: What do strangers think you do if they don't know you play football?

Pharoh: I've gotten modeling. Actor. Modeling or actor.

Sarina: Today is National Fast Food Day. What is your fast food choice?

Pharoh: Fast food is so bad for you…

Sarina: You actually eat so healthy, so this is a weird question for you, but if you were like, maybe I'll have some of these fries.

Pharoh: Okay, on the West Coast, I'm going to Wendy's. That's what I am familiar with. On the East Coast I'm going to Bojangles.

Sarina: Bojangles! What do you get there?

Pharoh: I get the three-piece chicken wing meal with the biscuit and the fries. Extra seasoning. Large lemonade. Maybe a Bo-berry on the side depending on how I'm feeling.

Sarina: (laughs) You started this answer saying you don't really eat fast food.

Pharoh: (Laughs) Yeah, Bojangles.

Sarina: OK, last question, take a selfie that shows how you are feeling today. (See below)