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Rams and AAPI non-profit Hate Is A Virus create limited-edition merchandise

In celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, the Los Angeles Rams have partnered with a local non-profit, Hate Is A Virus, to create a merchandise capsule with a limited-edition t-shirt and sweatshirt available on the Rams Auction site.

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The merchandise was designed by artist Annie Hong, known as Hootnannie. All proceeds from the sales will benefit Hate Is A Virus and its mission to help amplify and empower the AAPI community.

​​This is the second consecutive year the Rams have teamed up with Hate Is A Virus to raise awareness and funds for individuals and organizations doing critical work to help improve the lives of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, and other marginalized groups throughout Los Angeles and beyond.

Hate Is A Virus is a non-profit community of mobilizers and amplifiers that exists to dismantle racism and hate. A movement started in 2020, Hate is A Virus continues to amplify, educate, and activate AAPI to stand for justice and equality in solidarity with other communities.

This exclusive capsule is available to purchase at www.auctions.therams.com from May 16 to May 27.

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