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Rams Join with LA Kitchen to Prepare 535 Meals for Angelinos in Need


On Wednesday, January 24, members of the Rams staff took some time out of the office to transform rescued California fruits and vegetables into 535 healthy meals for Angelinos in need at L.A. Kitchen, which believes that neither food nor people should ever go to waste. By reclaiming healthy, local food that would otherwise be discarded, training men and women who are unemployed for jobs, and providing healthy meals to fellow citizens, L.A. Kitchen empowers, nourishes, and engages the community.

As a Los Angeles native and the President and Founder of L.A. Kitchen, Robert Egger was not only thrilled to know the white horns are back in LA, but to also see them volunteering in his kitchen. Team staffers were divided into stations where they cut fruits and vegetables, assembled salads, cleaned dishes & toured the L.A. Kitchen facility which hosts three main programs tackling different issues such as food waste, unemployment and health.

"Our staff and students loved having the Rams front office folks come by to lend a hand and help prepare healthy meals for fellow Angelinos," said Egger. "Together we produced hundreds of chicken salad bowls that will both nourish and uplift kids, seniors and the homeless throughout the city. Growing up in the era of Roman Gabriel and the Fearsome Foursome, seeing the Rams logo in the kitchen was not only a blast from the past, but it spoke to me about a great future, where we continue to partner to bring healthy meals and employment opportunities to more people. We can't wait to have the Rams back."

Rams Community Affairs and Engagement Representative, David Weingarten, believes the team's Day of Service program provides unique opportunities to expose front office staff to the various neighborhoods of Los Angeles, the different and ever-changing needs of our community, and the multitude of non-profits working diligently to address those needs. With a group of people eager to help and work alongside others, Weingarten was amazed at how much was accomplished in an afternoon at L.A. Kitchen.

"Our Staff Day of Service program allows us to respond to the needs of our community with meaningful service," said Weingarten. "Through partnering with L.A. Kitchen, we were able to educate our staff about the incredible work L.A Kitchen is doing to empower people and make an immediate impact on those in need of meals. The 535 meals we provided in the short time we were there really shows the impact a dedicated group of people can make in our community. We walked away from L.A. Kitchen knowing that we contributed to an effort that supports our most vulnerable communities and mitigates food waste in Los Angeles."

Since returning home to Los Angeles, Rams staff members have provided more than 3,000 hours of community service and impacted 17 non-profits and 40 schools through the Day of Service program.

If you would like to make a donation, volunteer, or learn more about L.A. Kitchen's programs, please visit lakitchen.org.

For more information about the Rams' community efforts, please visit therams.com/community.

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