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Rams Power Rankings: Week 6


The Rams will be on the road for the next two weeks, travelling to Jacksonville and London to face the Jaguars and Cardinals, respectively. The team is coming off of a tough loss to the Seattle Seahawks, 16-10 on Sunday, but will be looking to bounce back in Week 6.

Every week, TheRams.com will be taking an aggregate look at where the team ranks in different outlets across the sports media landscape. Here are the power rankings for the Rams heading into Week 6:

Last Week: 10

Change: - 1

"Jared Goff's improvement certainly deserves mention among the early-season storylines. Too often on Sunday, though, the sophomore signal caller could've afforded to take a cue from the sixth-year vet across the way. Russell Wilson has made a living of knowing when to extend plays and when to throw the ball away. Goff still needs to show more pocket awareness. Take the Earl Thomas interception, where Goff tried to lob the ball over his offensive lineman (who was getting moved backward into the QB) and over the middle. Move to the side, step back, etc. -- don't force a ball over the middle with poor trajectory at that stage of the game. On another front, Wade Phillips' defense continues to get a wee bit better week by week. Just an observation."

Last Week: 9

Change: - 3

"The Rams are fine. The Seahawks just have a great defense and weren't going down without a heck of a fight. Jared Goff had a rough day on the whole, but it was impressive seeing him direct a nice drive at the end (and he made a nice pass to Cooper Kupp in the end zone that should have been caught). The Rams will be fine. They're just not ready to take over the NFC West from the Seahawks yet. Considering where they were at the end of last season, that's fine."

Last Week: 7

Change: - 3

"The Rams had their chances against the Seahawks but couldn't deliver. They've still become competitive ahead of schedule. Overtaking the Seahawks so soon was a lofty ambition."

Last Week: 16

Change: 5

Last Week: 10

Change: - 2

Last Week: 12

Change: -

Last Week: 12

Change: -

Last Week: 11

Change: - 3

NFL.com — 13

ESPN.com — 12

Yahoo! Shutdown Corner — 14

USA Today — 13

Bleacher Report — 20

CBS Sports — 14

Sports Illustrated — 15

Washington Post — 12

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