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Robert Woods: "We're going in like it's all we've got and it's our last game left."


On what makes Russell Wilson so unique and so challenging:

"He's special. I don't think I've seen anybody like him. I don't think anybody will ever be like him. He's Houdini, he's a magician, but I think the way he keeps the play alive is almost like he's playing around or like he's in backyard football. So, just his ability to keep the play alive and make throws down the field that's what makes him special."

  • Safety John Johnson III

"I heard some crazy stat where I think he accounted for like 80 percent of his team's offense and has thrown some 17 fourth quarter touchdowns, so he's doing some crazy and tremendous things. I mean I think that alone says not only the type of player he is, but the type of season he's having. At any given moment he can take over a game if you allow him."

- Outside linebacker Robert Quinn

On what he thinks he's learned about playing in the environment at CenturyLink Field since he's played in it before:

"It's loud. Obviously, one of the louder places in the NFL and got to be ready to handle that. I think we do have a little bit of experience in that type of atmosphere this year. Being at Minnesota earlier this year, we have thoughts on how we're going to handle it and things like that. A lot of the guys on this team have played up there before. I've played up there before. Sean's coached up there before, so it's not entirely new, but definitely something you've got to handle."

- Quarterback Jared Goff

On if this is as close to a must win game as you get in Week 15 of the season:

"I think so. I think what it is, is it's a great opportunity for us and that's the way that we look at it. The goal is to see if we can kind of maintain our division lead. We're up one (game) right and they're saying the same thing as far as they're down one (game) and if they get a chance to come away with a win now they'll have the head-to-head. It's going to be a great atmosphere, a great environment and I know our guys are excited to be able to compete against a great football team and we can't wait to get going. This week has been a great start so far and guys are excited."

- Head coach Sean McVay

"We must win the game. We know it's Seattle. We know there's a lot on the table. But other than that, we must win this game. We go in prepping to win. There's always a lot at the table when you're trying to win — no matter if it's Seattle, Philadelphia, whoever's lined up. We're going in like it's all we've got and it's our last game left."

* - Wide receiver Robert Woods  *

On what stands out about the Seattle defense even without Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor:

"Earl Thomas. Earl is pretty much their heart. We know Kam [Chancellor] and [Richard] Sherman are big contributors to that as well, but Earl is really their heart. He's controlling the whole secondary, flying over, getting guys in place — making plays, making other people's play. But that's just how he plays. He's been their heart, he still is their heart. Got a lot of different guys stepping in — Maxwell coming back. But I would say Earl is still pretty much their heart. He's still back there."

- Wide receiver Robert Woods

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