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Rookies Visit JA Finance Park


The Los Angeles Rams rookies took a visit to Junior Achievement Finance Park in Los Angeles on Tuesday to help students learn about money management through hands-on simulations.

Students were given new personas and had to manage their money based on hypothetical salaries, credit scores, marital status and other deciding factors.  Then they had to decide how much to save, invest, and spend on necessities like car payments, rent, and social security.

"I wish I had this experience growing up because I didn't know any of this," LB Samson Ebukam said. "I learned how to budget today and there are just some things in life you just don't need, even though I'm making money now."

The rookies educated students on their everyday expenses and how much savings they are investing for post-NFL life.

"It's so critical to partner with organization like the Rams because you're bringing everything to life," Interim President and Chief Education Officer of JA Kat Delgado Kirkwood said.  "You're bringing the real world into the class room."

The day wasn't just about money management, it was about dreaming big.

"It's an amazing opportunity," the Rams' External Football Affairs Coordinator Jonathan Franklin said.  "To have these inner-city youths and to teach them financial literacy but to also have our rookies here to show them that they can be successful, to give them hope, to show them that they can dream."

Crenshaw High School student Danielle felt comfort in interacting with Rams rookies, especially Crenshaw alum Dominique Hatfield.

"It's really good [to have Hatfield here]," Danielle said. "We kind of relate on the same things. We had the same surroundings."

"Sometimes it's rough from the place we come from," Hatfield said.  "Just seeing me make it and shed a light on the youth is a great feeling."

Students and rookies took away important personal finance lessons that are applicable, whether it's getting ready to go to college or entering their first seasons in the NFL.

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