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What They're Saying: The Dallas Cowboys


Each week TheRams.com will be taking a look at what Los Angeles' opponents have to say about facing the Rams. Heading into Week 4 of the regular season, check out what the Dallas Cowboys' coaches and players had to say about their matchup against the Los Angeles Rams at AT&T Stadium.

On his relationship with Rams' QB Jared Goff:

"Yeah, I knew Goff a little bit from the process, actually from the Manning camp. We became pretty good friends there before we even thought about getting drafted, I guess you could say. And then through the process and combine, I spent more time with him. So he's a great guy and a great quarterback, I mean you get picked No. 1 for a reason. And he's had a lot of success early this year, he's good."

"I mean I didn't watch him much in college, I mean he was a friend but we were both playing on Saturdays, so it was kind of hard. He's on that West Coast time, but as I said I know he has done pretty well this year and I watched him on one of the Thursday night games, he was slinging the ball and he was slinging the ball. He's doing a great job this year."

-       Cowboys' QB Dak Prescott

"We liked him a lot in the draft process, we spent some time with him. In the interview process he came here, we went there, we worked him out and spent a lot of time trying to get to know him. Easy to see why he was picked as high as he was, an outstanding career at Cal and I think you're seeing a lot of the same things that you saw in college in these first three weeks of the season. He's a very instinctive passer, he's got a good feel for the game, he's tough, he can do a lot of different things throwing the football and he's done a really nice job for them up to this point."

-       Cowboys' HC Jason Garrett

On Goff's progression in his second year:

"He's done a fantastic job. They're obviously playing really good offensive football and it doesn't surprise me one bit. I think (Rams Head Coach) Sean McVay and his staff do a fantastic job and they've got a lot of good pieces there. The running back (Todd Gurley II) is outstanding, a lot of weapons outside and there is no question that Jared is in a comfortable place and really doing a good job executing what they're asking him to do. They've been very efficient, scored a lot of points. They're good running the ball, they're good throwing the ball, they're a very dangerous offense and he's done an excellent job."

-       Cowboys' HC Jason Garrett

On what he's seen on film from DT Aaron Donald in the last two games:

"I see a really good player. Yeah, he's just such an explosive guy in there. He's quick, he's disruptive, he pushes the pocket, he shoots gaps, he impacts the running game. He's obviously around the quarterback a lot. The other guys are able to play off of him, so he's just an outstanding football player and he has been really since he came into the league."

-       Cowboys' HC Jason Garrett

On Donald's ability to impact the offense and how he has looked in his return to the field:

"Well he looks the same to us, he's a really good football player and we spent a lot of time with him when he was coming out of the draft. He was an outstanding college football player and he's carried that into the NFL. You know he's not a real big guy but he's quick, he's fast, he's explosive, he plays with great leverage, he plays with tremendous determination and hustle. He's just a disruptive guy against the run, affecting the quarterback, he gets a lot of attention and he still shows up, so he's just a really, really good football player."

-       Cowboys' HC Jason Garrett

"I mean we have played against great fronts in all of our games. But just making sure we execute, we have to be fundamental and just know that's a guy who can make big plays, he's very talented. So, we just have to be that much more on our game."

-       Cowboys' RB Ezekiel Elliott

On his admiration for running backs like Todd Gurley and if he sees any similarities with the Rams' RB:

"There's a lot of good backs in the league right now and Todd Gurley is definitely one of the best guys and it's going to be fun to be able to see him play in person."

"I think so, I think he's a three-down back. I think the only other back they usually have active is Tavon Austin and so he's asked to do a lot of stuff especially in third down. And I think he's having a great year this year."

-       Cowboys' RB Ezekiel Elliott

On the Rams' offensive line and they're improvement as a whole:

"Well they have got a good football team, obviously they drafted the quarterback really high, the running back was a high draft pick, they have continued to bolster their offensive line and they have weapons on the outside. They have a system that they believe in and it's about number 30 first, they want to run the football and they are among the top five in the NFL in rush attempts. And so much of their success comes from that, and throwing the football is a heck of a lot easier when you run the ball well. Your protection gets better and your drop back game, but also the play action game and the movement game and they have done all those things really effectively."

-       Cowboys' HC Jason Garrett

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