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What They're Saying: The Philadelphia Eagles


Each week TheRams.com will be taking a look at what Los Angeles' opponents have to say about facing the Rams. Heading into Week 14 of the regular season, check out what the Philadelphia Eagles coaches and players had to say about their upcoming matchup against the Los Angeles Rams at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on Sunday:

On what has changed about the Rams this season:

"Well to me the Rams have always had like a Super Bowl caliber defense, the offense has just always been playing catchup. Right now, that's not the case. They're balling on both sides of the ball. So, they are a very dangerous team, very talented and they're playing very well."

  • Eagles' WR Torrey Smith

On how he has seen Goff develop since last season:

"We've shared a number of crossover film this year with playing similar opponents and everything, so I've seen him on film a handful of times and yeah, I've just been impressed with the year that he's been having. I don't follow it too well, but seeing him on tape and everything you just see some of the throws he makes and some of the things they're doing offensively down there and he's having a great year and it's exciting for him."

  • Eagles' QB Carson Wentz

"Leading the NFL in scoring, you can probably start with that. A little bit more than three times the number of touchdowns as interceptions and he's led them to a good record. I think that's plenty for a young quarterback. Does a good job of moving the ball around to different guys. They do have a marquee rusher who's right up there in the NFL, but he gets the ball to a lot of different guys in that passing game and he goes where his reads tell him to go. I think that's pretty impressive for a young QB."

  • Eagles' DC Jim Schwartz

"It's fun to watch quite honestly. Just to see the growth in his play and all the things that we saw in him when we were scouting and working him out and evaluating all these quarterbacks a year ago, this is exactly what we saw. It's exciting, obviously he is well coached there, he's got some great minds on offense and really just putting him in a position to be successful and quite honestly, that's kind of the formula that we try to take each and every week."

  • Eagles' HC Doug Pederson

On their approach to containing QB Jared Goff:

"He's a lot more mobile to where he can get away and get the ball thrown away, but he's definitely different than Russell Wilson. I think with us, we have to make sure that we get to him. And we have to stop their run because Gurley is a big part of their offense and everybody can see it. We just have to make sure we stop him and we'll get out chances."

  • Eagles' DE Brandon Graham

On what DT Aaron Donald brings to the table:

"Yeah, he's a game changer. Donald can really mess up some things offensively if you're not aware of where he's at. And you can kind of game plan a little bit for him, but at the same time we have a ton of confidence in the guys that we have upfront. We'll limit what he can do and the way he can affect the game. But again, he's a heck of a football player and you just have to be aware."

  • Eagles' QB Carson Wentz

On how good the Rams defensive line looks:

"They're pretty disruptive, physical, fast. A typical Wade Phillips defense, I mean everywhere he goes he has a way of getting the most out of those guys up front and they are talented as well."

"Wade just has the right mix. Everybody knows that in football terms he's going to play an under-front and play cover one. That's his deal. But I think in recent years he has mixed the coverages a little bit more. When I went up against Wade when he was in Denver for a little bit and had that defense it was cover one almost every snap. I think he's mixing it up a little bit more, but still his primary DNA is that five-man rush, cover one, just saying you have to beat us. He has those guys playing well."

  • Eagles' OC Frank Reich

On what some of the characteristics are of a Sean McVay offense:

"Well, it starts definitely with the running game and what they've done with Todd Gurley and the run game. The offensive line going out and getting Andrew Whitworth 'Big Whit' and use him to secure that left tackle spot. It starts there – the run game. That's the way it was in Washington, is get that run game established. Then the play-action pass comes off of that. That's that you're seeing, you're seeing a lot of those same similarities there that we saw when he was in Washington. Obviously, here in L.A. they have some great skill on the outside, guys that can stretch the field. You know, Robert Woods, Tavon Austin, Gurley, guys like that that can really get down the field. So a lot of the same traits – same characteristics, but it all kind of hinges on the run."

  • Eagles' HC Doug Pederson

On what stands out about the Rams:

"Pretty much that they do some of everything. They have good personnel. You see their receivers, you see Jared Goff making plays and throwing on the run. You see Todd Gurley obviously with his capabilities and what he can do in the running game and in the passing game. We pretty much have to be on point for everything. They have good personnel, they have speed, they have good route runners and a good run game. So, we have to be complete and play solid."

  • Eagles' LB Nigel Bradham
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