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What They're Saying: The Seattle Seahawks


Each week TheRams.com will be taking a look at what Los Angeles' opponents have to say about facing the Rams. Heading into Week 5 of the regular season, check out what the Seattle Seahawks' coaches and players had to say about their matchup against the Los Angeles Rams at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum:

On Sunday's matchup with the Rams and the turnaround he has seen from them this season:

"This is a good opportunity for us to jump back into the division and I've seen the Rams play really good football at the start of the season. They have been explosive on offense and they're really controlling the ball, they lead the league in scoring which is a tremendous turnaround for their program. Also just a really great job by Sean with what he's done with the offense in short order. Defense has changed too, with Wade Phillips going in, so we're looking at that to try and understand how it all fits together, but he's been a good coordinator and put together nothing but good defenses forever. So we know we have problems there. This also happens to be one of the better special teams that we play, Hekker is a great punter, the kicker, they have returners and then Fassel does a great job with the scheme too. We've got challenges across the board, so a very good matchup."

*     - Seahawks' HC Pete Carroll*

On quarterback Jared Goff and how much he has developed over the past year:

"He's really sure of himself, the ball is coming out quick, he's utilizing the calls really well, and doing a great job of checking the ball down — evidenced by Todd's catches, he's got 20 or so receptions already. More efficient, they've only been sacked four times so everything is working really well and fitting together. But he's a quick decision guy with getting the ball out, and I'm sure that's playing into their style and the way they're talking."

*     - Seahawks' HC Pete Carroll*

"He's a lot more comfortable this year. There is going to be growth from the first year to the second and we've seen that. McVay has done a great job of just putting him in places that he's comfortable and giving him plays that he know san is comfortable with, every read in his skillset in his realm and he's executed."

*     - Seahawks DB Richard Sherman*

"Goff looks confident and I think that's one thing I noticed from last year. He seems more confident in the pocket, more confident in the offense. And it's kind of showing in his play."**

*     - Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner *

On why Rams RB Todd Gurley has been so successful this season and how you approach a running back like him:

"It seems like the holes are bigger, I don't know if it's schematically or that. I'm not sure if he's getting the same amount of touches, but it seemed like he had a lot of them last year too. But, he's doing a great job of executing. The quarterback checks the ball down a substantial amount and they get him out there on the edge, they've found creative ways to get him the ball so that's not a big surprise. He had a lot of receptions last year on check downs and things like that. It's part of the quick game package."

*      - Seahawks DB Richard Sherman*

"He's a terrific player, he really can do everything. He runs good routes, he makes plays downfield, he can shake and make you miss in the short routes and passing games. He's tough, he's creative, and gets off his feet a lot, he's leaping over guys and doing a lot of creative stuff, and he's obviously really durable. He's a stud who can really hang in there and take all of the load, he's playing a lot"

*      - Seahawks' HC Pete Carroll*

"With him you just have to know what they're trying to do, know where they're trying to attack. There's just some plays, like where he runs a seam it may not be you. It kind of depends on the defensive call, where you're at and things of that nature. But obviously I look forward to matchups like this, going against a good back like Gurley...Now they're trying to get him out, whether it's in screens, it's down the field. I think he had a touchdown down the seam against the Cowboys, so they're trying to get him out and trying to get him the ball in any way possible. "

*     - Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner

On the challenges of facing a Wade Phillips' defense:

"We got the Los Angeles Rams this week with Wade Phillips a very longtime defensive coordinator in the league and he's put some great defenses together. He always has a great rush so that's something that will be big for us to handle. They rush five most of the time, so that's going to be a big part of the game. Great players over there, obviously Aaron Donald is a premiere player in this league so that's something that we'll have to make sure we can handle."

*     - Seahawks' OC Darren Bevell*

"Yeah, he's putting his stamp on it. They are very aggressive and they're very tackle-oriented, but a lot of similarities to what we've seen in the past."

*     - Seahawks' HC Pete Carroll*

On what they've noticed about Rams' DT Aaron Donald and the rest of the Rams D-Line:

"He's disruptive, he's always either back there or at the center of a lot of chaos. He plays with great hands, great pad level, great technique. You just know he's going to be something to deal with and something that the offense has to face and they have to figure out where he is at all times."

*     - Seahawks' DB Richard Sherman*

"He's very talented, I mean obviously he has talent to play the position. He's very quick, he's really strong and he can win battles one-on-one by himself which a lot of times guys can't, but he can."

"This is a very good defensive line. You know they have changed their scheme since we played them the last time, so that's going to be something that we have to be on point with. They don't have necessarily the same depth that they had before, when they would continue to come in waves, but they have changed it so they have a totally different team. They have a lot of solid players. Robert Quinn is still a guy that can wreak havoc on your backfield, Aaron Donald still can, Brockers. They have a great front."

*     - Seahawks OC Darren Bevell*

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