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Around Opening Night: Brockers eats a bug, Cooks on SpongeBob, and McVay's athleticism

ATLANTA — The Los Angeles Rams kicked off Super Bowl week at Opening Night, a one-hour media extravaganza in the State Farm Arena just down the street from Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

Over 2,000 media members from all over the world crowded the NFC champs and asked about all sorts of things, from their least favorite member of the Patriots — to which safety Marqui Christian elected to plead the fifth — to questions about, football, SpongeBob, even conspiracy theories.

Here's some of what the Rams had to say with the sports world watching on Opening Night:

Relive moments with the Los Angeles Rams from Opening Night of Super Bowl LIII.

Brandin Cooks likes Spongebob

Wide receiver Brandin Cooks' podium was a popular choice for members of the media looking for a sound bite before the wideout takes on his former team in Super Bowl LIII.

Amidst questions about going against his former club, Cooks said he doesn't watch much television, but enjoys SpongeBob.

"I like the earlier seasons, I more so like seasons 1-5," Cooks said.

He added with a smile that he wouldn't mind a "Bubble Bowl" performance at halftime of Sunday's big game.


Sean McVay = Athlete

Videos of head coach Sean McVay's high school and college game film surfaced over the last few weeks and his players have liked what they've seen.

Wide receiver Josh Reynolds and defensive backs Troy Hill and Marqui Christian were quick to support the playcaller's game — and not just as a reaction to the throwback film. McVay frequently demonstrates routes and mocks coverage in practice.

"He can ball now, he can ball," Reynolds said. "I've been seeing some of his high school highlights floating around on social media. You won't see him running routes with Jared [Goff], but you'll see him demonstrate a route and stuff and it's sharp."

"Man that's the Georgia High School Player of the Year right there," Hill said, pointing out his head coach's 2003 award. "That man's got some athleticism in himself."

"He's young so he's got some juice still, you know what I'm saying?" Christian added. "Sean McVay — he's the man."

McVay played his high school football at Marist High School in Atlanta.

Family First

Hill and Christian were asked if they had friends or family headed to Atlanta for the game.

Hill said he's excited for one very special guest.

"My daughter," Hill said, smiling at the thought of his one-year-old girl. "It's going to be a special one because she gets to see me play — even though she might not remember it — but just her being able to be there."

"I got a handful of friends and family coming out, turning up," Christian said. "It's lit."

As for Christian, he said he's looking forward being able to share such an experience with his loved ones.

Michael Brockers ATE WHAT?

In perhaps one of the strangest moments from the light-hearted break of preparing to take on the Patriots, defensive tackle Michael Brockers was offered an unlikely snack.

"I ain't eating that grub, I'll eat that cricket though," Brockers told the bold reporter, who offered the lineman an assortment of insects.

Brockers popped in the cricket, said it was spicy, and then accepted an entire tray of seven-layer dip from comedian and Jimmy Kimmel sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez.