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From One Ram to Another: Legends Give Playoff Advice to Current Players


Saturday's Wild Card contest between the Los Angeles Rams and the Atlanta Falcons will mark a first for many Rams players. The Falcons come into L.A. as the reigning NFC Champs. As such, the Atlanta roster boasts a lot of playoff experience. Inside the Rams locker room, however, there are just six players on the active roster who have been to the postseason before.

For that reason, we spoke to a few Rams' greats to get their advice for the current players taking on their first playoff game. Check below for some of the best responses: 

"Enjoy the journey and live in the moment."

- Wide receiver Torry Holt (1999-2008)

"In the playoffs, there's no tomorrow. There is absolutely no tomorrow after today unless we win. So whatever you have to do to pull that .10 percent more out of you to get that win, do it. You tell yourself, I will do everything I can do to get this win - for myself, for my coaches and for my teammates. Win."

- Offensive guard Dennis Harrah (1975-1987)

"Just go out and play your game. Play confident. Play like there is no stopping you guys and you should play fine."

- Quarterback Vince Ferragamo (1977-1980, 1982-1984)

"Relax and play your best ball. Just do your job. Some guys get too excited they try to do more than what they're supposed to but just do your job. It will carry well to just work as a team. Don't try to do too much. Do your job the best you can."

- Safety Nolan Cromwell (1977-1987)

"Have a short memory and take it one play at a time."

*- Defensive end Jack Youngblood (1971-1984) *

"You don't want to be the guy sitting in the locker room after the game, frustrated because you blew it on the field."

- Offensive lineman Jackie Slater (1976-1995)

"Be prepared and have fun."

- Defensive end Fred Dryer (1972-1981)



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