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From the Podium: McVay on last week of camp, Floyd on OLBs, Everett and Hopkins on TEs

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – Rams head coach Sean McVay, outside linebacker Leonard Floyd, tight end Gerald Everett and tight end Brycen Hopkins each held video conferences with local media Tuesday to discuss the last week of camp and corresponding position groups, among other important topics. Here are some of the highlights and key takeaways from those virtual conversations:

"We've seen a little bit of steady progress." – McVay

  • As the Rams phase safety Taylor Rapp (knee) back into practice this week, McVay said they will be taking things "day-by-day."
  • Like any approach to a player coming off an injury, this acclimation strategy is being used to ensure it aligns with "a good progression," per McVay.
  • McVay said Rapp has "stayed engaged in the meetings" and "been involved on the field at practice" while dealing with the knee injury.

"It's an ongoing evaluation." – McVay

  • The starting five for the Rams offensive line has not yet been decided, according to McVay.
  • Part of the reason why the evaluation is on going is because of the team cross-training players along the offensive line in order to establish depth and "make sure guys are comfortable playing in multiple spots and on multiple sides of the line."

"It's been great, man. They're both good guys.They know their stuff, both of them study hard. They go out and execute." – Floyd

  • Floyd has had a positive experience playing alongside fellow outside linebackers Samson Ebukam and Terrell Lewis.
  • Floyd also said he's "very confident" Los Angeles' outside linebackers will be able to get sacks this year, adding that "we're just going to take it one game at a time and execute our game plan for that week and see where it goes from there."

"I feel like we serve as more than just safety blankets, especially on this offensive team." – Everett

  • According to Everett, the Rams tight ends take pride in being complete players, not just secure passing targets for quarterback Jared Goff.
  • In addition to responsibilities as receivers, Everett said the tight ends are also counted on as blockers. "Whatever we're asked to do, we're going to do it to our best capabilities," he said.

"The attention to detail, for everybody, has to be on par with all the 10 other players on the team, if you're wanting to succeed as best as you can as a defense or an offense." – Hopkins

  • Asked what the biggest adjustment to the NFL has been as a rookie tight end, Hopkins pointed to the importance of attention to detail for all positions.
  • Hopkins said this is something he's put a lot of emphasis on, "whether it's the depth on a route, or a hand placement on a block, or leverage."

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