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From the Podium: McVay on Terrell Lewis, Rapp on return to field, Goff on looking ahead to Week 1

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – Rams head coach Sean McVay, safety Taylor Rapp and quarterback Jared Goff each held video conferences with local media Wednesday to discuss the status of Terrell Lewis, Rapp returning to the field and looking ahead to Week 1, respectively, among other important topics. Here some of the highlights and key takeaways from those virtual conversations:

"We're working through some things. Try to figure out what's going on with (Terrell Lewis') knee." – McVay

  • Rookie outside linebacker Terrell Lewis did not practice on Tuesday, and McVay said Wednesday the team is currently examining Lewis' knee.
  • McVay wanted to wait to share more details until the results of the team's testing came back.

"We anticipate (Taylor Rapp) will be ready to go for Dallas." – McVay

  • As safety Taylor Rapp (knee) works his way back into practice, McVay expressed optimism that the second-year safety will be able to play in the Rams' Sept. 13 season-opener against the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Rapp participated in some individual drills and team drills during Tuesday's practice.

"It was a long day." – Rapp

  • This summer, Rapp completed a challenge of burning 10,000 calories. Though the activity was strenuous, he said it did not have any adverse effects on him physically.
  • Rapp was inspired to do the challenge by his older brother, who is "really into" mountain biking and has pro mountain biking friends who were doing the challenge as well.
  • Rapp has already received a commitment from one teammate to do the challenge next summer: wide receiver Cooper Kupp and his wife.

"As players, we can't wait to get into that game-planning mode fast enough." – Goff

  • As this year's training camp nears its conclusion, Goff and his teammates are eager to begin preparing for their Sept. 13 season- and home-opener against the Dallas Cowboys.
  • The Cowboys and Rams have had some memorable games in recent years – the one that stands out to Goff was the 2018 divisional game at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum that marked his and McVay's first playoff win.
  • As the team gradually transitions to that regular season preparation, Goff said that like the rest of the league's teams, the biggest challenge will be avoiding looking less polished in the absence of preseason games.

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