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From the Podium: Rams react to 18-7 win over Cardinals

INGLEWOOD, Calif. – Rams head coach Sean McVay, quarterback John Wolford, cornerback Troy Hill, outside linebacker Leonard Floyd and wide receiver Van Jefferson each held postgame video conferences with local media following their 18-7 win over the Cardinals Sunday afternoon, discussing Hill's pick-six and Wolford's performance in his first start, among other important topics.

Here are some of the highlights and key takeaways from those virtual conversations:

"(The defense was) unbelievable all day, they've been unbelievable all year." – McVay

  • The Rams' defense accounted for nine of the team's 18 points in Sunday's victory, including Hill's 84-yard pick-six and drawing a holding penalty against the Cardinals in the endzone for a safety.
  • "They've really been the strength of this team, and I thought they showed up in a big way," McVay said.

"It was almost like once I threw it, I settled in. So I'll learn from that, watch the film and move on." – Wolford

  • Wolford's first pass attempt was intercepted, but he bounced back to complete 22 of 38 for 231 yards, also rushing for 56 yards on six carries.
  • In terms of moving past the play, Wolford said he thought back to a performance in high school when he did something similar against a good team, but still bounced back and "played great," as well as the P.A.C.E. – performance after a critical error – mantra that Goff always says to him emphasizing resetting yourself and moving on to the next play.

"Nah, (the endzone and I) just became best friends this year. You can never get tired of your best friend." – Hill

  • Hill isn't tired of his trips to the endzone after finishing the regular season with his third defensive touchdown.
  • As for the Rams' defense overall, Hill said that "I don't really think we feel pressure, I feel like pressure is what we apply."

"Basically, I've been taking all of my incentives one incentive at a time, and today I finished off my last one." – Floyd

  • Floyd reaching 10 sacks – 10.5 to be exact – trigged a lucrative incentive in his one-year contract with the Rams.
  • "Just a shoutout to my teammates and the coaching staff for believing in me and helping me along the way," Floyd said.

"I think I left some plays out there that I should've made, obviously, but John Wolford did a terrific job for us today. Came in, got us a win, and we got into the tournament today. So that's all that really matters." – Jefferson

  • Jefferson was targeted a team-high eight times by Wolford on Saturday, finishing with four catches for 50 yards.
  • Jefferson said Wolford was "progressing through his targets" and "spread the ball around to a lot of receivers today."

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