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From the Podium: Rams react to 20-9 loss to Seahawks

Rams head coach Sean McVay, cornerback Jalen Ramsey, defensive lineman Sebastian Joseph-Day, quarterback Jared Goff and wide receiver Cooper Kupp each held postgame video conferences with local media to discuss the team's 20-9 Week 16 loss to the Seahawks in Seattle.

Here are some of the highlights and key takeaways from those virtual conversations:

"It's very, very disappointing, but we do have a game and a lot to play for next week and that's where our focus and concentration will shift to after this." – McVay

  • While the Rams missed out on clinching a playoff berth this weekend because of their own loss Sunday, as well as a Bears win and Cardinals loss, they know they still have another shot at it next weekend.
  • Early Week 17 clinching scenarios for Los Angeles include a win over Arizona, or Chicago losing to Green Bay.

"Losing is frustrating, but we do it as a team." – Ramsey

  • Ramsey didn't point fingers after Sunday's loss and said it's "our job to pick (the offense) up."
  • Ramsey also said bouncing back next week is going to start "from the top down," taking personal responsibility to be a leader and do what he can help get Los Angeles back on the winning track.

"We don't pay attention to that. We're focused on ourselves." – Joseph-Day

  • Asked how much they paid attention to yesterday's Cardinals game and today's Bears game, Joseph-Day emphasized they did not. Since they have an opportunity to clinch themselves, they're focused on their own efforts, not those of other teams.
  • "That's the mindset we have because we're very a good team, and we know if we put everything together that we could do it," Joseph-Day said.

"Look internally, we got to figure it out. I'm sorry this is happening, obviously, but we will figure it out." – Goff

  • When a reporter asked Goff what his message to Rams fans would be heading into Week 17, he encouraged them to keep their faith in the team.
  • Goff also expressed confidence that the team can clinch a playoff berth.

"Our mindset doesn't change. We've got a big game this next weekend against (Arizona), (so) go out there, produce and find a way to win." – Kupp

  • Like McVay, Kupp's focus is on next weekend's game against the Cardinals after Sunday's tough result.
  • Kupp said they don't carry any of what happened over the last two weeks into the regular season finale because it doesn't change the fact that they still "control our own destiny."

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