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From the Podium: Sean McVay, Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp talk preparation for Jets, playoff push

Rams head coach Sean McVay and wide receivers Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp each held video conferences with local media Monday to share their thoughts on making a playoff push and early impressions of the Jets, among other important topics.

Here are some of the highlights and key takeaways from those virtual conversations:

"I think it's as simple as the focus and concentration that's required week in and week out." – McVay

  • McVay trusts his players' maturity to apply the same, consistent approach to the Jets as they do for every opponent every week, regardless of record.
  • Regarding playoff talk, McVay also reiterated that the Rams haven't qualified for the postseason just yet and can only do so if they get their 10th win. He said that goal being in such close sight should help with that focus and concentration expected of the team.

"We do get bonuses for knockdowns when we're on blocks, but really, in our room, I would say even our whole team, we get excited for guys making football plays." – Woods

  • The Rams wide receivers – and tight ends, running backs, and offensive linemen, too – pride themselves on being complete players.
  • While Woods and his position group have earned praise for their run-blocking, he said they're also happy when any player makes a play such as "a clear-out route making a play happen, a big block springing our running backs free, our alignment, making the right read when the defense gives us a funky look or funky front" to make their offense succeed.

"I think I've got great perspective coming into this, these last few games, about being able finish the season out strong, and the focus, the attention to detail that it takes to make sure that you're taking care of your body, you're taking care of yourself, and you're being able to get out there on Sundays and put your best foot forward for your guys. So, excited about the opportunity that we have in front of us." – Kupp

  • A season-ending knee injury in mid-November 2018 prevented Kupp from helping the Rams complete their drive to the playoffs that season. The Rams are in a similar position this year, but this time, they have a healthy Kupp to try to complete that push.
  • "It's gonna be a really fun next few weeks being able to prepare with these guys," Kupp said.

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