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Gurley: "We don't feel pressure, we apply it." 

Running back Todd Gurley has been one of the most productive players offensive players in the league over the last two seasons, topping the NFL with 40 total touchdowns since the start of 2017.

While he was unable to play in Los Angeles' last two games of the season due to a knee injury, he's expected to fully participate in practice all week in preparation for Los Angeles' Divisional round matchup with Dallas.

After finishing the 2018 season with 1,251 yards rushing, 580 yards receiving, and 21 total touchdowns, Gurley sat with to discuss the year and his approach to the postseason.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. If you had one word to describe the playoffs, what would it be and why?

Todd Gurley: One word to describe the playoffs? Incredible. It's just a great feeling. A lot of guys have been in the league for 10, something years and never made it to the playoffs. So to be able to do this my second year and to have a first-round bye, it's just a great feeling. Do you feel that way especially because of the outcomes of your first two years in the league?

Gurley: Yeah, you could say that. But I've been watching football a long time, and I know — I've seen it's been damn near the same teams in the playoffs every year. And I've seen those teams that haven't been getting in the playoffs. So I just have seen that from the outside looking in, and, obviously just being in the NFL, too. Was there anything different about this year given the expectations?

Gurley: No — me personally, I don't really like look at things. I look at it as it is what it is. We either are gonna go make this playoff run, or we're not gonna make this playoff run. So we're going to take it game by game and take care of business either one way or the other. How have you seen this team evolve over the 2018 season and where do you feel like the focus is right now?

Gurley: I feel like we've evolved a lot. We were able to finish out a lot of games. That's what separated us this year between the past. Obviously, we lost three games, but it was also four or five games that we won the last couple of minutes. So we felt like that's helped us as a team, knowing what we get in those situations, we're not going to panic. Like coach said, we don't feel pressure, we apply it. That's kind of just our mindset. Is being able to finish something you feel the team can center itself on entering the postseason?

Gurley: Yeah, for sure. But it's really just one game. It's just one game at a time. No matter who it is we have — whether it's a team we beat in the past or a team we lost to in the past. At the end of the day, we all have to line up against each other one more time, try to beat out those dudes. So it's just the main focus.

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