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Marcus Peters hosts youth football camp

Cornerback Marcus Peters is well known for his big-play ability and his willingness to not mince words when he's got a point to make.

But last Sunday, he was more about making sure all the kids around him had a good time.

Through the Fam 1st Family Foundation — which Peters is a vice president of and sits on the board — Peters hosted a youth football camp at John Muir High School in Pasadena. Quarterback Josh Johnson, who started three games for Washington in 2018, and famed running back Marshawn Lynch were also in attendance to work with the kids.

In an interview at the event, Peters told therams.com how important he feels it is to be involved in a hands-on way.

"Pretty much, my motto is, you don't go in somebody's community and not give back," Peters said — echoing a refrain he's used before. "I just try to do something wherever I'm going to be working at, just giving back to those less fortunate. And with the camp, anybody can come — it was free. Just do what we can do to give back."

Peters explained that he works closely with Lynch and Johnson within the organization, which is based out of their shared hometown of Oakland.

"It's a real family business," Peters said. "We treat it as it. So the majority of all people who's a part of our organization, they drove up from Oakland. My mom, my aunties, the rest of my cousins and stuff are here to support. So it's a real big thing that we like to do.

"But it's a tradition that just naturally comes to us," Peters added. "My pops did camps and my uncles did stuff for us in Oakland when we were coming up. It wasn't this big — we didn't have the big name cats and [stuff] like that. But it's just something that we pride ourselves on doing."

Giving back through time and making sure he's present for those in the community — those are two pillars of Peters' general philosophy on life. And it's something he's firmly committed to doing throughout his life.

"When you get an opportunity to do stuff like this," Peters said, "you've got to just take it."