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McVay family grateful to have Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta

ATLANTA — By now, you've probably heard that this week represents a homecoming of sorts for Rams head coach Sean McVay.

He grew up in the area and was named Georgia 4A Offensive Player of the Year for his senior season, in which he led Marist School to a state championship.

There's certainly a convenience factor for McVay's family, given the location of Super Bowl LIII. And it's something that McVay's father, Tim, certainly appreciates.

"Isn't that wild? I mean, it really is," Tim McVay said in an interview with therams.com this week. "I just love being able for Sean to come back … to Atlanta and that everyone can share a little part of it, because all those people had a role in shaping Sean to being who he is."

Sean McVay has talked about how close he and his family are, saying that he'll lean on his father for different pieces of advice. And he's mentioned just how appreciative he is of that family unit.

"We're just delighted to be able to be there for him," Tim McVay said. "I was able to retire a year ago, so got to see a lot more games — which has been awful fun for us this year. But we're very close and we've been blessed to, really, be a very close family our entire lives."

And being around the organization like he has, Tim McVay said that while it's a bit surreal to see his son leading a team to the Super Bowl, it's not all that surprising based on the situation.

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"You've got 32 great franchises who are playing their hearts out to get to this moment. And I knew that something was special when I saw the Rams organization from the very beginning — a couple years ago," Tim McVay said. "And Sean being so blessed with the folks he was able to surround himself with, that the organization surrounded him with, it's just been fantastic. I can just feel a special kind of culture. And what a talented group of people. I had a chance to work in business and be in a leadership position, and it all starts with people. And I saw the caliber and the quality of people that were around from Day 1, and very grateful and thankful and very blessed. But this is great. You could see this coming."

Like his son, Tim McVay talks more about the team and how that all makes everything work rather than just one person. But there is one point of pride the elder McVay specifically talked about for his oldest son, and that's the way he handles himself in such a high-pressure, high-stress role.

"It's a tough league, and it's really demanding. And Sean's one of those guys who gets in boots and all and he's going to go at it," Tim McVay said. "His mother and I couldn't be more proud of the way — of course, we know he's that way — but in the midst of all that pressure, I love the way that he handles himself with class and the way that he treats people with respect. He genuinely wants to hear from them on how do we get better, what can we do to be better, and all of those things makes for a great culture. And we're really just proud of the way he handles himself."

And to see all this come together for a Super Bowl appearance in Atlanta? That is truly special.

"It's fantastic — it really is," Tim McVay said. "Thank God, what a blessing and a miracle and we're looking forward to having a great game on Sunday."

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