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Monday night's for you, Los Angeles. #LATogether

Maybe you were born here.

Maybe you moved here.

But you are Los Angeles.

Maybe you're in town for the weekend.

Or here for college. Or you're 7th generation.

You are Los Angeles.

In LA we build together. We dream together.

United by common ambition and uncommon resilience.

When something hurts one of us, it hurts all of us.

And we respond, together.

Showing our strength, grit, passion, and generosity.

Revealing a City of Angels.

So to those who have suffered and lost.

To those who opened their doors, who provided shelter, food, and hope.

To the neighbors who embraced strangers, and stretched out hands.

To every first responder who risked their lives,

and gave their all for something greater.

Monday is for you.

You are Los Angeles.

We are Los Angeles.