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Rams Power Rankings: Week 8

Each week, TheRams.com will be taking an aggregate look at where the team ranks in different outlets across the sports media landscape. Here are the power rankings for the Rams heading into Week 8:


Last Week: 9

Change: None

Last Week: 10

Change: None

Last Week: 10

Change: +2

"It's rare to watch a game in which the punter is the clear MVP, but Johnny Hekker put on a show against the Bears on Monday night. He's a legitimate weapon."

Last Week: 13

Change: +2

"After getting beaten handily by the San Francisco 49ers in Week 6, the Los Angeles Rams faced another big test Monday night against the 5-1 Chicago Bears—a chance to show that they (like seemingly every team in the NFC West) are a legitimate Super Bowl contender. The Rams passed said test with flying colors."

Last Week: 20

Change: +4

"Seriously, we need to start talking about Johnny Hekker as the greatest punter ever. All five of his punts Monday landing inside the 10. Appreciate his genius ..."

Last Week: 9

Change: -1

Note: The MMQB staff rotates who compiles its Power Rankings each week. This week, it was staff writer Conor Orr's turn.

"When Sean McVay is cooking, there are not many coaches in the league who can match wits."

Last Week: 11

Change: +1

"The defense is impressive. That is the part of the team that is so much better than expected. They dominated the Chicago offense, bouncing back after their bad loss to the 49ers."

Last Week: 13

Change: +2


NFL.com – 20

ESPN.com — 19

Yahoo! Sports — 20

Bleacher Report — 15

USA Today — 14

Sports Illustrated — 16

CBS Sports — 18

The Washington Post — 20

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