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Sean McVay's play recall ability extends back to his high school days 

ATLANTA — Players and coaches sometimes have to field a lot of wacky questions during Super Bowl Opening Night. But for head coach Sean McVay, some of those questions — perhaps inevitably — ventured into his notable memory.

You've probably seen videos of McVay recalling plays from his time with Washington, or stories about how McVay remembers plays he wasn't even involved in.

Former Rams offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur — now the Packers head coach — said back during 2017 training camp that McVay's "got one of the craziest memories of anybody I've ever been around."

McVay grew up in Atlanta and won a high school state championship at Marist School as a quarterback, also receiving the Georgia 4A Offensive Player of the Year award for his 2003 season. With McVay returning to his home town for Super Bowl LIII, FOX 5 Atlanta reporter Justin Felder put McVay's memory skills to the test.

Surprise — McVay passed with flying colors.

Felder said McVay was able to recall each play in detail immediately.


"Because I think I saw that this week when you guys played it," McVay told Felder.

McVay likes to downplay it, but his memory really is that good.