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Talib, Peters Enjoying New Partnership in L.A.

They're roommates, share a golf cart, and are the new All-Pro partners at cornerback in Los Angeles' defensive backfield. 

Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters never seem to be far away from one another through the first few days of training camp, establishing a strong partnership in preparation for the 2018 season. Whether they're cruising around UC Irvine's campus, or riding the bike together before practice.

"It's been a fun experience going through OTAs and going to spend time with him down in Dallas for a little camp and stuff that he had, and just choppin' it up over the offseason," Peters said. "It's been a fun experience."

Or, as Talib described it, "We're feeling our way through together."

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But it's not quite that simple. Given Talib's experience winning Super Bowl 50 in defensive coordinator Wade Phillips' system in Denver, the Kansas product is clearly a resource for all members of the secondary — especially Peters. 

"Yeah, some of the young guys will sit in the meet room and ask me something like, 'Why do you break on that like that?' Ask me what I saw on that. So, that's what I'm here for," Talib said. "I love the game. I love to distribute knowledge of the game."

"It's nonstop just on the toes of everything — the technique, with me just trying to get better with things," Peters said on #RamsCamp live of what he asks Talib. "The gameplans of how calls are going to get called, with me understanding down and distances and how I can play certain defenses — just being on my toes." 

Talib seems to especially enjoy talking with Peters because they share that love of football. Through their conversations, Talib says he's been able to glean just how much the game means to Peters. Talib was especially impressed with Peters' knowledge of NFL history.


"I don't think people talk about that enough. That guys loves football," Talib said. "He reminds me of myself. I love football and that's what people don't talk about enough. His work ethic and how much he loves the game. If you love it that much, you'll get the job done. That's why he plays the way he plays because he loves it."

The pair relates well because they have similar playing styles. It's part of why the Rams wanted to bring both to Southern California in the first place, as both should excel under Phillips. Peters has 19 regular-season interceptions over his first three years — a mark that by far leads the league since 2015. And Talib is the active leader with 10 interceptions returned for a touchdown.


"Ballhawks. We both touch that football a lot, high interception rate, pass breakup rate," Talib said. "So, you get that football. That's the name of the game, football." 

That it is. 

And given the accolades Talib and Peters bring to Los Angeles' defense, it's easy to see why head coach Sean McVay seems excited for what's to come. 

"I think you're talking about two elite corners. They have the ability to get the ball back for our offense," McVay said. "You just look at their production over the course of their careers, they're special players. I really like their confidence and swagger. They bring, really, a lot of confidence, a lot of swagger to our defense and it's been great being around these guys so far."