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TRANSCRIPT: McVay, Goff, and Gurley Day 7 Press Conference


Rams Head Coach Sean McVay – Rams-Chargers Joint Practice Availability  – August 5, 2017**

(On if the practice went like he expected it would)

"I think there was some good stuff that we saw and until you really get the chance to go back and look at the tape – especially because we were doing some two-spot stuff and I was a little bit more involved in the offense. I can't wait to go back and see how the defense did. There was some good, some bad, some things we need to clean up, but I thought it was great work that we got today. I also wanted to just congratulate (Former Rams QB) Kurt Warner on his (Hall of Fame) induction last night. What an important part of this organization he's been. I reached out and connected with him a little bit, but what a great player, what a great person and a great representation of this organization." 

(On how he thinks QB Jared Goff did today)

"It's kind of the same. I thought he settled in, I thought he did a nice job in the two-minute drill taking completions, being smart with the football and then at the end where we did a little bit of move the ball, he made some good third down throws. It will be a great opportunity for us to back and look at the tape. The Chargers have some great players – (OLB) Melvin Ingram, (DE Joey) Bosa, (CB Casey) Hayward on the corner, so I thought it was great work where it's a little bit different structure than what we're typically accustomed to seeing from our defense every single day. This work is invaluable for us."

(On how Goff is coming along with taking the ball from under center)

"I think he's doing a nice job. That's the biggest thing is figuring out a way to transition some of the stuff where you've been in the gun and then operating underneath the center with some of the play-actions, the bootlegs and then really when you're just dropping back from under center. But I think he's doing a nice job finding his rhythm, getting more comfortable every single day and we feel the same about (QB) Sean (Mannion) and (QB) Dan (Orlovsky) as well."

(On why DE Michael Brockers, OLB Robert Quinn or S Lamarcus Joyner didn't play)

"Just being smart with those guys. Anytime that you get into camp where they've got a handful of days in a row that they've practiced and they're kind of on the threshold of they might pull a muscle and then it sets them back a few weeks. We just wanted to be smart. We've got a maintenance program in place with (OLB) Robert Quinn and (CB) Lamarcus (Joyner) just had a little tweak to his back, but he should be good." 

(On his takeaway from RB Todd Gurley's performance today)

"Yeah, I thought you saw a violent runner. He did a great job getting it out into the open field and there was a couple where he's reading it one gap at a time on some of the schemes we have and you can feel his speed once he gets to the corner. He's a guy that has been motivated and has been a standout throughout the offseason program and it's been the same throughout camp and we're expecting big things from Todd."

(On the next thing he wants to see from Goff)

"Yeah, when we get to go back and watch it (the film), we'll get to see really how things played out. I think sometimes the 7-on-7 periods can be a little misleading because you're not seeing a live rush, so that's the way you evaluate it is to make sure you're reading with your feet and in the timing and the rhythm of the play. We are always going to strive to have our quarterbacks make great decisions. As long as we make good decisions, play within the timing of the play and throw the football accurately, you're going to give yourself a chance to play productive football from that spot and that's what we're looking for from him."

(On if moving into a game week next week changes anything schedule-wise)

"Once you get a couple days out, we'll alter it a little bit with the guys that we know will play a little bit more, so that we give them a chance to be prepared. We will always be mindful where our starters, the plan right now – they'll probably play anywhere between six to 10 plays based on that first drive. But you do want to make sure that those guys that will play a few quarters are always ready and give them their due and put them in a position to have some success. So we'll slightly alter it, but for the most part, really until you get to Week 3 in the preseason you try to maintain a training camp mindset with the expectation of when you get a couple days out."

(On if the six to 10 play range will be for Goff as well)

"That's something that we'll discuss as a staff. I think right now that's kind of the plan. You want him to be able to play with the guys that we're anticipating (around) him, but I think anytime in that first preseason game just from an offensive standpoint, you want to see some continuity, ability to get a couple first downs. Then, make sure we stay healthy and give some other guys a chance to compete."

(On how he liked the intensity of his defense today)

"I think it was good. Because we did so many two-spot drills, I was a little bit more involved in the offense, so I can't wait to go back and look at the tape. But anytime I'm kind of peeking over my shoulder just from what we've seen throughout the offseason program – it kind of carried on today where guys were flying around, doing a good job of playing smart. I thought they did a nice job from what I saw just kind of on the brink."


Rams QB Jared Goff Rams-Chargers Joint Practice Availability – August 5, 2017**

(On his whole experience today practicing against the L.A. Chargers)

"It was great. It was a lot of fun just getting to see a different team, I think. We see the same guys every day in practice and just getting a chance to see a different defense, a different front, a different whole team out here, is really good"

(On who is going to win the 'Fight for L.A.')

"You know, we've got a game in about two or three weeks, so we'll see."

(On how he thinks he did today at practice)

"I felt good. (There were) a lot of things I thought we did good and a lot of things that I thought we can work on. Off the top of my head, I can point to a couple. But I thought for the most part, we moved the ball pretty well, especially in that two-minute drill there. I was really happy with what we were doing up front…really good and I thought (RB) Todd (Gurley) looked really good."

(On sticking with shorter routes today and if that was by design)

"I don't know. I think, taking what they give us. They were playing their base defense and with what they play, a lot of underneath stuff was open. So if it's there, just keep taking it. You can't go broke taking a deposit, so you just take what they give you."

(On getting rolling on the two-minute drill at the end of practice)

"It felt great. Like I said, we moved the ball pretty well and I'm really happy with what we did up front."

(On if it was odd playing against a different defense after months of only facing the Rams defense)

"Our defense has the stuff they do. So, you see that every day and you know how to attack that. Seeing something different today was good. It was refreshing…" 

(On if there's another step he needs to take going into next week)

"I don't know if I can point to exactly one thing, but I think just continue to improve. Just continue to be right on my reads. Like I said, there's a couple off the top of my head that I can think of right now that I'd like to have back and just continue to eliminate those."


Rams RB Todd Gurley – Rams-Chargers Joint Practice Availability – August 5, 2017**

(On how practice went for him today)

"It went pretty well. I wasn't able to finish at the end. I feel like there was some good work out there today. It's good to go against some other competition during camp."

(On bouncing some of his runs outside of the tackles during practice)

"Oh yeah, I had one of those runs – it was an inside zone play, I was to suck them in and bounce out. The guys up front, they did a good job. I just react off of those guys."

(On Head Coach Sean McVay describing him as a violent runner and if he likes being called that)

"I'll take that all day, for sure. We just got to keep working, coming out here getting better. I felt like it was a pretty good day overall."

(On if it was the plan for him to not stay in for the final drill of practice)

"I'd practice all day, but coaches, they told me to sit down, so it's all good. We got plenty more days of practice and we see them next week, but it was definitely a good day for the offense overall."

(On if he wants to incorporate more change of direction runs into his game this season)

"It doesn't matter, whatever the defense gives me and whatever the O-line creates for me, I'm happy regardless of whatever they give me."

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