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TRANSCRIPT: Sean McVay Day 14 Training Camp Press Conference


Head Coach Sean McVay – Training Camp Press Conference – August 15, 2017**

(On how WR Josh Reynolds looked in practice)
"He looked good. He was able to track some balls down the field. (WR) Josh (Reynolds) is one of those guys that – he's got a great stride length, consistently made big plays throughout the course of his career in college and he's kind of one of those guys that's deceivingly fast. I think getting him back out there healthy – he's continuing to grow. It's funny, right before he got that injury I was just telling him how much improvement he's made from the offseason program, so it will be good to get Josh back out there and watch him compete against the Raiders on Saturday."

(On WR Sammy Watkins getting more work today)
"He did. He got a little bit more. He's picking things up fairly quickly. It's a tough time to come in, in terms of where we're at in the installation because pretty much everything's in. We've gotten all of our situations, so we're going a little bit faster than you'd be accustomed to earlier on. But, I thought he picked things up well, was able to make some nice catches and you can see the movement and once he continues to get more and more comfortable, I think you'll see him be able to play even faster. I was pleased with (WR) Sammy (Watkins) from what I saw today."

(On how he feels QB Jared Goff responded today after yesterday's practice)
"I thought there were some good throws. I thought we finished up better, offensively we were able to get into some completions and got into a little bit of a rhythm, but one of those things that ends up happening is at some point you're going to turn the football over. It's an occupational hazard as a quarterback and what separates the good ones from the great ones is really their ability to respond. Eventually there's going to be days like that – how we respond will ultimately determine how these games end up and the one thing you do appreciate about him, appreciate about (QB) Jared (Goff), is that when mistakes occur you don't sense that he's phased by it, he's able to take it for what it is and then try to correct it moving forward. But, the decision making, getting comfortable with the concepts is something that we'll continue to talk about, really with all of our quarterbacks and when you make good decisions with the football, get the ball into your playmakers hands, you give yourself your chance to play efficient football offensively and specifically through the pass game."

(On his evaluation of the offensive line this far into camp)
"I think they've done a good job. I think really we're kind of starting to settle in where you look at (T) Rob Havenstein playing that right tackle position and (G) Jamon Brown playing right guard. I feel very good about (C) John Sullivan and what he's done at the center position. I think (G) Rodger Saffold, he's a special player that's been able to play all over the place throughout the course of his career, but I think he would agree that left guard is probably his most natural spot. And then we know what a big addition (T) Andrew Whitworth has been for us, so we feel good about those players. It's going to be about us continuing to develop that continuity up front that's so vital, so important and obviously you want to be fortunate with the injuries. But, we're continuing to find those guys that provide depth behind them, but with those five we feel pretty good about our starters and just looking to see those guys improve and continue to grow together."

(On if he's found himself spending a little more time with the tight ends this year just based on his background with the position)
"I spend a lot of time with our offense as a whole, but we have a great tight ends coach in Shane Waldron who I was with in Washington. He's an excellent communicator, does a great job understanding both the run and the pass in terms of what their roles and responsibilities are. I think when you look at the growth that you've seen from (TE) Gerald Everett since he got here, the way (TE) Tyler Higbee and (TE) Temarrick Hemingway have played. Obviously a consistent, productive player in (TE) Cory Harkey. I think it's a credit to (tight ends coach) Shane (Waldron) and he's done a great job with those guys."

(On how tough it is for a young tight end to learn how to play in the NFL)
"It is different and I think it's just getting comfortable competing in both phases, kind of playing with your hand in the ground – it's almost equivalent to when you're exclusively detached from the formation, a quarterback going from a spread offense where now you're playing underneath center. That would kind of be an equivalent from a tight end now, starting to play in the core a little bit more, getting into the backfield in some of the two-back sets, but those guys have done a great job getting comfortable with it in a short amount of time and their ability to be able to be versatile at that position is what offers you some flexibility when you're playing in multiple personnel groupings with those tight ends."

(On how much he envisions being able to use Higbee and Everett together)
"I think like we talked about before, it's going to be predicated on the defenses that we're playing and kind of how they defend some of those personnel groups. But like we talked about, when you've got functional players that can both compete in the run and the pass it allows you to be a little bit more multiple offensively and that's why you feel really good about our tight end group and what we'll hopefully be able to present to defenses."

(On how this camp has gone off the field in terms of disciplinary issues)
"That's one of the things that we've been extremely pleased with. I think when you talk about the guys, starting with our leaders setting the standard in terms of just being accountable, operating with consistent discipline, dependability – I couldn't be more pleased with this group. I think that's a real credit to our players, especially those leaders like we've talked about over and over. I have not had any issues with that, guys have consistently done the little things the right way and we feel like that's really going to help us over the long haul. I think it's a credit to our players and I couldn't be more pleased with the way they've handled themselves and represented our organization in a classy way."

(On if there is any update on WR Tavon Austin and if he will do any work on the field this week)
"He's not and that's one of those things that like we said, we're hopeful that he'll maybe be able to compete in some of these preseason games. Ideally, you want to make sure that he's full speed by the time we play the Colts in that opener. But, I think for him and for us ideally you'd like to get him on the practice field where he's able to get comfortable with some of the ways that we envision utilizing him. In the meantime, like we've talked about, we'll control what we can control and that's him doing a great job with his rehab, staying up on it in the classroom and when that time comes that (Director/Sports Medicine and Performance) Reggie (Scott) and our training staff decide that he's ready to go, we'll be excited to have (WR) Tavon (Austin) back out there."

(On what he's seen from RB Aaron Green)
"(RB) Aaron (Green) just got back out here. He just had the hand surgery, so really the last couple days have represented his first time back out on the field since he did that. It's always tough as a running back to be able to compete when you've got kind of a cast, which makes it a little bit more difficult to carry the football, play with your hands in protection. I think it's good to see him back out here. He hasn't gotten a whole lot of work, but Aaron is a guy that we've enjoyed being around this offseason and we'll see how he does in these preseason games just because of the hand thing. So, he's missed a little bit of time of late."

(On when Green had surgery)
"It was within the last week. It was within the last week he did. All these days run together right now."

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