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2022 Cheerleader Auditions

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2022 Los Angeles Rams Cheer TeamNumber
Kendra A.441
Jasiya B.458
Jose C.420
Piper C.411
Jordyn C.467
Courtney C.418
Yalissa C.447
Eswinn D.417
Paola G.402
Kira G.427
Tyler H.443
Michelle H.472
Napoleon J.422
Emily L.406
Sydney M.409
Amanda M.465
Samantha O.470
Gabrielle P.430
Shelby R.468
Mia R.461
Brendan R.462
Julianna S.416
Jan S.444
Tara S.428
Stephanie S.405
Aria T.404
Jacqueline W.459
Jenna W.424
Kylie Y.466
  • If selected to the 2022 Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders, must reside or be willing to commute to Los Angeles Metropolitan area for all rehearsals, appearances and games, etc.
  • Must be able to attend ALL rehearsals, games and other related activities. Practices are traditionally held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. 7:00pm to 10:00pm PST. Immediately following the announcement of the 2022 team.
  • Please check therams.com for the 2022 Los Angeles Rams Football Schedule.
  • Must have a valid driver's license and passport.
  • Must provide a completed and signed Preliminary application, Finalists application and organization release/waiver.
  • If selected to the 2022 Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders, an agreement and commitment are required through May 31, 2023. In addition to an agreement, you must abide by organizational guidelines and the Los Angeles Rams Employee handbook.
  • Being a Los Angeles Rams Cheerleader is a part-time position.
  • For any questions please email KFimbres@Rams.NFL.com