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Aria T.

Aria T.

Pre-Med Student

Hometown: Calabasas, CA

Tenure: Rookie

College: UCLA


What was your favorite academic subject growing up? Chemistry

If you could make one change in the world, what would it be? For everyone to be more empathetic and show greater compassion toward one another

Who is your biggest fan? My amazing mom!! You'll see her in the stands at every game.

Do pineapples belong on pizza? Just savory toppings for me please :)

What's next on your bucket list? To dance on a world tour

Most adventurous thing you've ever done in your life? Cliff jumping in Hawaii

Describe your dream vacation. I would love to travel to Greece; I dream of going from exploring the Parthenon to lying on the beach

How did you get your start dancing? I was inspired by watching my older sister and her friends in dance class

Most embarrassing dance memory? When I received my first ever scholarship we had to go onstage and say what studio we were from on the microphone and I said I went to "Aria's School of Performing Arts" instead of Bobbie's School of Performing Arts.

Your go-to karaoke song? "Dancing Queen" by ABBA

What is your guilty pleasure? Tiramisu

How would your best friend describe you? Loyal, driven, organized, and honest

Coffee or tea? Coffee all the way

Favorite thing about Los Angeles? I love Los Angeles' versatility: the beaches, the weather, the shopping, the food, and most importantly the incredible people!

Favorite charity or cause that you love to support? The Epilepsy Foundation. I'm involved in research at UCLA studying infantile spasms

Advice to your younger self? Don't worry so much, it'll all work out

What would it mean to you to be a Rams cheerleader? I'm very excited for the opportunity to represent this vibrant city and be a part of an organization that values and supports the community. Being a Rams cheerleader is the perfect way to combine my love of LA, dance, and football!