Bianca C.

Franchise and Retail Brand Development Manager at Funko

Hometown: La Mirada, CA

Tenure: 3rd Year

College: Cal State Long Beach (Undergraduate), USC (Graduate)


  1. Number of years dancing? 18 years!
  2. Where have you danced? I grew up in Southern California, and danced at a studio called “Dansations”. In college, I started taking classes at school (CSULB), the Edge, Millennium and Debbie Reynolds. My first dance-related job was as a parade performer at Disneyland. I also danced for the LA Clippers!
  3. Favorite style of dance? I love jazz funk- it’s a little bit of jazz, a little bit of hip hop, and a whole lotta sass!
  4. Favorite song to dance to? This is always changing, but my favorite song that we danced to last season was Humble by Kendrick Lamar.
  5. Favorite food? Pizza
  6. Favorite movie? I can’t pick just one! The Goonies and Clueless are movies that I can just watch over and over again.
  7. Who would play you in a movie? I would love Olivia Munn to play me in a movie. She’s beautiful, talented, and has always portrayed strong, empowered female characters, and I really admire her.
  8. Favorite vacation spot? Thailand! I was able to visit for the first time a few months ago and it was incredible. The food was out of this world, the people were so kind, and the beaches were like paradise. I hope to go back in the future!
  9. Who inspires you the most? My parents inspire me the most. They immigrated here from the Philippines in their twenties and worked hard to give me opportunities they never had. They taught me the importance of perseverance, grit, and relationships.
  10. Most embarrassing dance memory? I used to dance in parades at Disneyland. One time during a show, I kicked so hard my shoe came off! I finished the dance number, and then tried to discreetly find my shoe and put it back on before the next routine!
  11. Favorite dance memory? My favorite dance memory isn’t just one specific moment- I LOVED going to dance camps in the summer while I was in high school. It was so much fun spending all day dancing with my friends and students from other schools, and performing at the end of the day for each other.
  12. What is your guilty pleasure? My guilty pleasure is binge-watching television series and movies on Netflix!
  13. What are you looking forward to as a Los Angeles Rams Cheerleader? I’ve had the honor of being on this team for 2 seasons now, and I’m so excited for my 3rd season. Dancing on the field and entertaining the fans is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, but there is so much more to being an LA Rams Cheerleader. I’m looking forward to making memories with my new teammates, traveling, and most importantly, representing the Rams in the community- not only in LA, but all over the world!