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Justene Alpert of the Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders poses, Saturday, February 27, 2021 in Los Angeles, CA. (Will Navarro/LA Rams)

Justene A.


Hometown: Claremont, CA

Tenure: 5th Year

College: California State University Long Beach


What was your favorite academic subject growing up? I loved English and Biology.

If you could make one change in the world, what would it be? That clean, filtered water and healthier foods are easily accessible to all countries.

Who is your biggest fan? My Mom

Do pineapples belong on pizza? I'm a very simple girl when it comes to pizza. My go to is always a good Margherita Pizza!

What's next on your bucket list? Shake Cage Diving!!! Which one of my teammates wants to come with?!

Most adventurous thing you've ever done in your life? I would say going on a Hot Air Balloon Ride! I'm surprised to say this with my love of adventure but I didn't realize how scary it would be. We were extremely high up, in the tiniest wicker basket. The only thing that is holding you up is a balloon. Kind of frightening when you think about it! However, it was a beautiful view and I am happy to be here now to tell the story.

Describe your dream vacation. My dream vacation would be anywhere tropical where I could scuba dive and interact with as many animals as possible!

How did you get your start dancing? I started dancing at age 2. I made my world premiere in the dance world as a little white duck!

Most embarrassing dance memory? My most embarrassing dance memory was when I was a performer at Disneyland. I was in a brand new role and was wearing a big rubber wig with big rubber glasses. During the first 2 minutes of my parade, my wig cap ripped and all of my hair underneath came out. For the next hour I had long chunks of my real hair seeping out of my wig, covering half my face with these big rubber glasses on. I looked like Cousin It. I couldn't see anything or fix itS! Definitely double checked my wig cap every time I got ready after that day!

Your go-to karaoke song? The Thong Song! haha

What is your guilty pleasure? My guilty pleasure is getting a huge tub of Coldstone Ice Cream - Cake Batter Flavor with Raspberries and watching either Bravo's Housewives of whatever city and/or HG TV!! My dog would also be cuddling with me on the couch. At that point, all is right in my world.

How would your best friend describe you? My best friend would probably say right off the bat, "a walking musical." And then she would follow that up with compassionate and giving :)

Coffee or tea? Coffee. I love everything about the smell, taste and the whole culture of coffee!

Favorite thing about Los Angeles? Los Angeles is a city of pure magic. Being in the entertainment industry for so long, I am always in awe of the spectacular entertainment factors this city grants to everyone around the world.

Favorite charity or cause that you love to support? The Be Perfect Foundation and Dancers Against Cancer

Advice to your younger self? Don't let any doubts or fear drag you down. You are fully capable of whatever you set your mind to and make sure you are open to learn as much as you from others along the way

What would it mean to you to be a Rams cheerleader? Being a Rams Cheerleader is like being granted a Super Hero cape. You get the opportunity to perform, be a part of an indescribable "Ramily," but most of all, the chance to impact and change many lives for the better!