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Rams Cheerleaders Roster | Los Angeles Rams -

Michelle H.

Michelle H.

Marketing Director & Fitness Instructor

Hometown: Brookfield, WI

Tenure: 2nd Year

College: Chapman University


What was your favorite academic subject growing up? Biology! Growing up I loved learning anything in the science realm.

If you could make one change in the world, what would it be? If I could make one change in the world, it would be racial equality. My dream is to live in a place where people respect each other equally, no matter their skin tone or physical appearance. What matters is what is on the inside, you can't judge a book by its cover.

Who is your biggest fan? My biggest fan is definitely my Mom. She has supported me through everything and always pushes me to be the best version of myself. I would not be where I am today without her!

Do pineapples belong on pizza? Absolutely!

What's next on your bucket list? Next on my bucket list, I want to take a ride in a hot air balloon overlooking the sunset!

Most adventurous thing you've ever done in your life? I signed up to go cave diving in Tulum, Mexico with my boyfriend. At first we weren't exactly sure what we signed up for, but it was hands down the most thrilling, heart-racing experience I've ever had! I would definitely do it again, I was so excited to conquer one of my biggest fears!

Describe your dream vacation. My dream vacation would be visiting Greece & the Amalfi Coast while hiking through the beautiful scenery, making homemade pizzas and swimming in the crystal blue water! Sounds like heaven to me!

How did you get your start dancing? I started dancing at the age of 3 at a local studio in Brookfield, Wisconsin. I joined their competition team and traveled around the US competing regionally and nationally. I continued to pursue my dream of dancing professionally after I graduated from Chapman University with a BA in Dance Performance. Post graduation, I moved to Los Angeles, got a dance agent and continued to audition for professional dance jobs

Most embarrassing dance memory? My most embarrassing dance memory is when I was 8 years old on stage for our end of year performance. I went to do a battement and my bottom leg slipped out underneath me, completely losing my balance, kicking my face, and falling to the floor. I was so embarrassed!

Your go-to karaoke song? My go-to karaoke song is "This is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan!

What is your guilty pleasure? My guilty pleasure is definitely the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups from Trader Joe's. I'm obsessed!

How would your best friend describe you? My best friend would describe me as loyal, dependable and a hard worker.

Coffee or tea? Definitely coffee. I have a Nespresso machine in my kitchen and I have become quite the coffee addict!

Favorite thing about Los Angeles? My favorite thing about Los Angeles is that it is ever-evolving. The culture in LA is truly hard to beat, and there is always something to do. You'll never run out of options!

Favorite charity or cause that you love to support? My favorite charity that I love to support is The Blind Children's Learning Center. In college, my sorority worked hands on with this organization to help children who suffered from sight disabilities, by aiding them in learning various subjects through smell, touch, taste and sound. I love being able to help hands on, because it allows you to see a direct impact that fundamentally helps the children progress through learning. This organization has such a special place in my heart because I have developed close relationships with their students who continue to stay positive despite their struggles.

Advice to your younger self? The advice I would give to my younger self would to be to just "Go for it". Working towards your goals takes a lot of dedication, hard work and perseverance. You need to believe in yourself from within, because you are capable of anything that you put your mind to. You miss out on 100% of the shots you don't take, don't let living out your dreams be one of them.

What would it mean to you to be a Rams cheerleader? To be a Rams Cheerleader, it would mean the world. To be able to represent such an outstanding organization who values community, diversity and hard work, would be a true honor. I would pride myself in being a representative figure of this organization and use our voice to spread positivity, help out in the community and inspire the younger generations and generations to come.