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Community Player of the Week: John Franklin-Myers 

Just days after Defensive End JOHN FRANKLIN-MYERSsealed the victory for the Rams with a strip-sack against the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday Night Football, the first-year standout had another surprise in store…

In partnership with the Exceptional Children’s Foundationand its Kayne Eras School for special education, Franklin-Myers surprised students on the Kayne Eras Bulldogs with new cleats at a football practice on Tuesday afternoon. The cleats were purchased by Franklin-Myers to help ECF students with special needs reach their academic and personal goals. 

"I enjoyed this so much," said Franklin-Myers. "You look at these kids' faces when they get cleats or a hat, and you can see what it means to them. Simply showing up for them, throwing the ball with them, I wish I had someone come do those things for me when I was younger."

John Franklin-Myers and Aaron Neary surprised the Kayne Eras Center Bulldogs football team with brand new cleats on Tuesday, October 2nd

The head coach for the Kayne Eras Bulldogs, Diedrick Joseph, knows his players are eager to learn, especially from an NFL player who plays on their hometown team. During an introductory Q & A session, students had the chance to ask some football-related questions as Franklin-Myers and teammate Aaron Neary shared experiences from their football journey.

"I can't express my joy for Rams players like Franklin-Myers coming out here and talking to our kids," said Joseph. "I liked his stories and how he shared them with the kids. I think this experience shed light on how we can all grow and help our community. I'm hoping that this leads to positive changes in their lives."

In his first NFL season, Franklin-Myers hopes that many in his community benefit from the fruits of his labor. Having worked his entire life for the opportunity to play his favorite game on Sundays, he hopes to continue his giving back throughout the course of his career.

"It's a blessing to be at a point where you're able to donate some of the money that you've earned through your career, so I'd like to share and donate as much as I can," said Franklin-Myers. "Coming out and engaging people in our community is something I enjoy because this stuff means the world to them, and it means the world to me to see their reactions and feel their excitement."

Franklin-Myers also purchased cleats for the LAPD Pueblo United Youth Football program and is visiting their practice to hand deliver the cleats.

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