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Cooper Kupp ready to attack next few weeks of the offseason

How's Cooper Kupp looking? Will he be ready for the season?

Those are two questions that have loomed fairly large over the course of the Rams' 2019 offseason program.

And it's one that head coach Sean McVay has consistently fielded throughout his press conferences — even dating back to the NFL Combine at the end of February.

But as the Rams' offseason program came to an end on Tuesday, Kupp was on the field as he has been. He's worked with trainers on the side, he's worked with quarterbacks during some individual drills, and he's been on the field for many of the jog-thru periods.

So how is he feeling as Los Angeles' summer break begins?

"I think there's two things pulling at you — obviously, you want to go play football right now. I think everyone in this facility is like, 'Let's get this thing going.' But I think there's also a part that people in this facility would also say, you take these six weeks to prepare yourself for training camp, for this season ahead," Kupp said.

"I'm in that same boat. I'm ready to prepare, make sure that when I head into training camp, my body's in the best shape it can possibly be. And I'm excited about having this time to attack that."

The wide receiver has been hard at work throughout the offseason program, looking to be in the best position possible to contribute once the regular season starts. That's mainly been accomplished, even though the wideout is just seven months removed from the injury.

Kupp was asked if there was anything he hasn't yet done that he needs to do to feel better about his knee, and the wideout replied that "it's a work in progress," noting that he's trusting Los Angeles' trainers when it comes to his rehab.

"Like I've said before, I don't get too far ahead of myself. I come in, look at what the week has for me, have a quick discussion about what that looks like, and how we're going to attack it, and then go forward on it," Kupp said. "But my whole thing is coming in Monday and taking care of what they put in front of me."

One element that has helped in keeping him sharp with the offense, according to Kupp, has been participating in the club's jog-thru sessions during OTAs and minicamp.

Check out photos of the Los Angeles Rams participating in the final day of OTAs.

"I'm incredibly thankful for the opportunities to go out and be in the huddle again, break the huddle, get out there, and be able to see a defense out in front of me," Kupp said. "It's one of those things, I think, that's underrated — is the repetitions, even when you're not going full speed yet. Being able to see a defense, being able to make decisions based off what they're showing you, and being able to react when the ball is snapped — and you try to anticipate as much as you can, what you're going to get, and have a plan for how you're going to attack each play. But being able to see that, react, get to your spots — I think that's invaluable reps for me."

So as the Rams get ready for a break, Kupp said he's going to be at the facility most days, continuing to get back to his best level of competition and performance for the upcoming season. He does have a few weddings to attend for close friends and family, but his main focus will be getting ready to work on Sundays.

And about those questions? At this point, the answers seem to be "good in what he's doing," and, "it's trending that way."

For a player coming off an ACL injury, that's about as positive as it gets.