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Top takeaways from Rams GM Les Snead's pre-free agency press conference: Adjusting roster-building DNA, pillars in team's 'remodel,' and more

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – Rams general manager Les Snead held a video conference with local media on Thursday – six days out from the start of free agency and the 2023 NFL league year – offering his thoughts on the team's roster heading into free agency.

Here are some of the top takeaways from that virtual conversation, which you can watch in its entirety below:

Adjusting the DNA of their team-building model

Over the past few years, the Rams have constructed their roster with aggressive moves, whether that be signing established veterans in free agency or trading first-round picks for them.

This year, they won't be going quite as fast, according to Snead.

"Our DNA is to attack and hit the gas, but we're going to hit the breaks a little bit," he said. "That does not change how we'll approach the season, how we approach the day-to-day. But it will definitely change how we approach constructing the roster."

Stafford, Kupp and Donald "weight-bearing walls" of remodel

In January, Snead used the term "remodel" to describe Los Angeles' approach to constructing this year's roster. On Thursday, he expanded on that label and why he doesn't view it as a "rebuild."

"The reason I said remodel, not rebuild, is a player like (quarterback) Matthew Stafford," Snead said. "To me, in a rebuild, you would just bulldoze the house down and begin rebuilding from the ground up. But when you have someone like, Matthew Stafford, players like (wide receiver) Cooper Kupp, (defensive lineman) Aaron Donald, there's some weight-bearing walls there that we still have and we're going to rely on those."

Despite injuries in 2022, no short-term solutions needed to overcome absences

While the Rams endured an unimaginable rash of injuries last season, it isn't expected to impact their approach to free agency.

According to Snead, the recovery timetables of those players won't require L.A. to seek out temporary solutions.

"It may force you to adjust when they get on the practice field and things like that, but at this point in time, it's not adjusting (because), OK, we have an issue going into the season.

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