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Los Angeles Rams' 2023 schedule coming May 11

We're one step closer to the Rams fully turning the page to 2023, as the 2023 NFL schedule will be unveiled on Thursday, May 11 at 5 p.m. pacific time on NFL Network.

Here are some key things to know ahead of that announcement:

  • New this year is a Black Friday game on Amazon Prime Video.
  • Teams can also have multiple short weeks, meaning two Thursday Night Football games.
  • AFC/NFC road teams are no longer required to play on a certain network. The rules previously stipulated a game with an AFC away team being played on CBS and a game with an NFC away team being played on FOX, but that will no longer be the case starting this year.

Will the Rams get the reigning NFC Champion Eagles on Monday Night Football? A Sunday Night Football showdown against their divisional rival 49ers? Do the Saints march into the Rams House on Thursday Night Football? We'll learn on May 11.

Until that time, here is a quick refresher on the Rams' 2023 home and away opponents:


  • Seattle Seahawks
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • Arizona Cardinals
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Washington Commanders
  • New Orleans Saints
  • Cleveland Browns
  • Pittsburgh Steelers


  • Seattle Seahawks
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • Arizona Cardinals
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • New York Giants
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Cincinnati Bengals
  • Indianapolis Colts

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be the first to know the 2023 Schedule with the Los Angeles Rams Mobile App!
Be the first to know the 2023 schedule with the Rams app!

Also, note that the NFL has expanded its "flexible scheduling" procedures for 2023.

In 2006, the NFL implemented a "flexible scheduling" procedure for Sunday Night Football to ensure quality matchups on Sunday night in all weeks and gave surprise teams a chance to play their way onto primetime. Beginning with the 2023 season, flexible scheduling will also be available for Monday Night Football.

Flexible scheduling for Sunday night begins Week 5 and runs through Week 17 with teams and fans given at least 12 days' notice of any change for Weeks 5-13 and at least 6 days' notice during Weeks 14-17. Flexible scheduling for Monday night will be a shorter timeframe, only running Weeks 13-17 with teams and fans given at least 12 days' notice of any change.

In weeks of the season eligible for flexible scheduling, the games listed for the Sunday night and Monday night windows are tentative and subject to change. Only Sunday afternoon games (or those listed as TBD) are eligible to be moved to Sunday night or Monday night, in which case the tentatively scheduled Sunday/Monday night game would be moved to Sunday afternoon.

Scheduling for Week 18

As in prior seasons, for Week 18, the final weekend of the season, the scheduling of the Saturday, Sunday afternoon, and the Sunday night games is not assigned. The schedule for Week 18 will be announced no later than six days prior to that week's Saturday game (January 6, 2024).

For more information about the NFL's Flex Scheduling procedures, visit

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