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Rams AAPI Heritage Month Staff Showcase: Cassidy Tollner on her Lola's influence on her life, and celebrating AAPI Heritage Month through food

In recognition of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, the Rams are highlighting the diverse AAPI experience through the voices of our employees.

This year's series wraps up with Partnership Strategy Insights Analyst Cassidy Tollner.

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From her connection to Filipino culture to some of the values she cherishes, the common thread for Cassidy Tollner is her Lola – Tagalog for grandma.

"Growing up, Lola taught me all about Filipino foods, traditions, and some Tagalog, too," Tollner said. "She is a huge reason why I associate celebrating AAPI History Month with food, because to me, I learned the most about her life in the Philippines while we would make lumpia together every year for my birthday. She is a huge part of who I am today because she is one of the most genuine, strong, funny, intelligent women I have in my life. She taught me how to appreciate all moments in life and the importance of family. To me, this is what Filipino culture is all about."

Today, Tollner carries that those teachings in many different ways, including in her role as Partnership Strategy Insights Analyst for the Rams.

Tollner first started with the organization as a Partnership Strategy Intern for its Super Bowl-winning 2021 season, at the end of which she was offered a full-time position. This past season was her second as an insights analyst for the Partnership Strategy team.

As an insights analyst, Tollner's job is to track all data that surrounds Rams partnerships and provide insights around campaigns that live on social and digital media, in-stadium signage and activations, and in-person touchpoints like community or partner-owned events.

"The best part of my job is watching an idea come to life from the beginning of the sales process to the end when I provide metrics around the campaign," Tollner said. "I love watching an idea from a brainstorming session come to life in the stadium during a gameday and watch fans react and interact with something that started out as a simple idea."

For Tollner, friends and family are a constant source of motivation.

"Having a support system around me that understands the time, effort, and sacrifices it takes to be in the sports world is undoubtably the reason why I am here today," she said.

In terms of being better allies for the AAPI community, Tollner said being one to the community means having an open mind and being comfortable with the fact that there is so much to learn about all cultures. Additionally, it's okay to ask questions when it comes from a place of respect and appreciation.

Having such a strong association with celebrating AAPI Heritage Month with food, it's one of the ways Tollner recommends others celebrate it, too – especially by supporting those types of AAPI small businesses.

"Food is a significant part of many AAPI cultures, and supporting family-owned small businesses is a simple way of experiencing a part of the culture in an authentic way," she said.

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