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Rams Answer: "What will it be like to step on the field for Super Bowl LIII?"

As the Rams get ready for Super Bowl LIII, players answered a few select questions — like their first memory of the big game, and what the Super Bowl means to them. In this installment of Rams Answer, players respond to the question, "What will it be like to step on the field for Super Bowl LIII?"

"Stepping on that field in Atlanta is going to be super exciting, but at the same time once we hit the field it's another football game. It's 60 minutes vs. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady."


"It's special — very special. All my friends are there and it'll be pretty cool. … It's going to be a good feeling to play back where I went to school at. That's what I'm most looking forward to."


"The feeling to step on the field in Atlanta is going to be one of a kind, something I'm looking forward to soaking in. I think, for me, I'm going to go through my normal prep. But I'm going to try to get out there a little bit earlier to try to get the jitters — or whatever you want to call it — out of the way. And then it's going to be back to basic football and taking care of business, because there's a big ring to go take care of."


"I imagine as soon as I step on that field in Atlanta it'll be electric, a great atmosphere, and really just be a fast field — let us play our game, and just roll our way to victory."


"I don't know. Just all my dreams come true — all my football dreams come true, which you work so hard for. When you're grinding in the offseason, nobody's watching, and you're just there — you're thinking about this moment. You being in the Super Bowl at the end of the season, fighting for a chance to get a ring."