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Rams Latino Heritage Month Staff Showcase: Director, Cheerleaders Keely Fimbres and cheerleaders Eswinn Diaz, Piper Cervantes, Jose Capetillo and Kira Guzman

In honor of Latino Heritage Month, the Rams will celebrate the contributions and achievements of the Latin community through the inspiring stories of their staff.

We conclude that celebration spotlighting Director, Cheerleaders Keely Fimbres and cheerleaders Eswinn Diaz, Piper Cervantes, Jose Capetillo and Kira Guzman.

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Director, Cheerleaders Keely Fimbres has built one of the most diverse squads in the NFL. That wide range of backgrounds and cultures has fostered a supportive environment among its members.

"Being a part of one of the most diverse teams in the league is a blessing," Fimbres said. "By sharing their different cultures, it has created a great family atmosphere and they support each other in every way. "

That approach was shaped in part by her own experience in the Latino community, which taught her family, diversity and discipline. Rams cheerleaders who also belong to that community also learned similar foundational values.

Eswinn Diaz, who is in his third season as a member of the group, said that growing, he didn't see a lot of representation on TV, and didn't believe he was able to accomplish the same things as other people.

"Now, I am able to break that stereotype and inspire other people that anything is possible if you focus on what you want to be, work hard, and believe in yourself, because the only thing standing in your way is yourself," Diaz said.

First-year cheerleader Piper Cervantes' experience within the Latino community and her own family specifically brings gratitude for being "part of a culture that is based on the foundation of collectivity, harmony, and respect among a group of people."

She draws inspiration from how her grandparents immigrated from Mexico and built their life in Los Angeles, as well as stories of their work ethic shared by her dad, and her dad's own work ethic.

"My grandparents immigrated from Mexico and created a remarkable family, business and life for themselves here in Los Angeles, and their dedication, resilience, and generosity have been passed down to each generation as I've never witnessed a stronger bond," Cervantes said. "Growing up, my father always shared stories of how hard my grandparents worked to provide for their family and their community through their business, and I've been fortunate enough to see how his own hard work has paid off for him by sourcing him with an abundantly rewarding life. He is one of the most inspirational people in my life and I owe much of the success I've achieved to the skills and traits he has instilled in both me and my sister."

Similarly, second-year cheerleader Jose Capetillo said growing up in the Latino community helped instill core values in his life at a young age.

"For us, family is everything, and getting the chance to grow up with a huge family surrounding me showed me the importance of unconditional love and support," Capetillo said. "Our culture is one that is so colorful and fun to be part of, and today, I am so proud to be able to be a representative of the Latino community."

First-year cheerleader Kira Guzman likewise learned the importance of celebrating the differences of others through her upbringing in the Latino community.

"I grew up with one set of my grandparents being Latino, and it taught me that it is a beautiful thing to be different and that it is something that we should celebrate," Guzman said. "That is one of the many reasons why I am so honored and excited to be a part of the Rams Cheerleaders, because as a team and organization we celebrate our diversity and allow our differences to bring us closer together rather than separating us."

Family is what motivates Fimbres. She said hers is "really close" and supports each other through the good times, the bad times and the challenging times. And when it comes to the best part of her job, she said she loves helping to "create and be a part of a tight-knit team which is more like a family by learning together."

Along those same lines, togetherness is a central theme to how they all suggest celebrating Latino Heritage Month. Guzman said there is plenty to celebrate, from history to art, music, traditions and especially the food.

"We are blessed to be in an area that has so many events and ways to celebrate Latino Heritage month," Guzman said.

Diaz's recommendation: Going out to dance. And eating food, too.

"Our Hispanic/Latin community is known for loving Music, Food, and Dance," Diaz said. "When we're gathered with family, It's always a party! Also, we're very well known for having amazing selections of food. having your favorite Mexican Dish is another way to celebrate and enjoy all of the amazing food that our Latino Heritage has to offer."

Celebrations can also be simple, too.

Capetillo recommends listening to their voices, and taking the time to understand their experiences and point of view in order to contribute to a more loving and accepting world.

"Our culture is so rich of delicious foods, catchy music, great dancing and so much more, and I invite anyone to experience and celebrate it with us this month!" Capetillo said.

And for Cervantes, "celebrating Latino Heritage Month to me simply means coming together to recognize the incredible efforts of those who paved the way for us, and I believe we need to keep sharing our stories," she said.

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