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Rams Power Rankings: Week 12


The Rams will be back at home this weekend looking to bounce back from a tough loss to the Vikings in Week 11. On Sunday, L.A. will play host to the New Orleans' Saints in an NFC West vs. NFC South matchup.

Every week, TheRams.com will be taking an aggregate look at where the team ranks in different outlets across the sports media landscape. Here are the power rankings for the Rams heading into Week 12:

Last Week: 2

Change: -4

"Tough loss in Minnesota, but this is certainly not the time to write these guys off. The drop here is more a result of all the teams behind the Rams last week -- including the Vikings -- getting quality wins. Caught Sean McVay's postgame news conference on SiriusXM Radio on Sunday afternoon. It's so obvious why this head coach has his team's ear. McVay showed energy, confidence and an upbeat attitude, even after being pressed about Cooper Kupp's fumble. Oddly, Kupp has been the central figure in the losses to the top opponents on the Rams' schedule thus far. The drop versus the Seahawks cost L.A. a win in Week 5 against the division bully. But that would've been a high-degree-of-difficulty grab, and, like his turnover Sunday, shouldn't obscure his fine rookie season. Knowing there is a lot of time left in 2017, I think the Rams are at least a wild-card team."

Last Week: 7

Change: 1

"Triumph: The Rams are coming off a loss to the Vikings, but that's not the end of the world. Los Angeles is 7-3 and should have no problem finishing the year with a winning record. If that happens, it'll be the franchise's first winning season since 2003."

Last Week: 4

Change: -2

"It wasn't ideal to lose to a team that the Rams will be battling with for seeding in the NFC, but the Vikings are good too. What's most troubling might be the shoulder injury for Robert Woods. He's been a big part of this season's offensive resurgence."

Last Week: 4

Change: -4

"The loss Sunday at Minnesota was not a promising beginning to the rugged stretch of the schedule that will show how the Rams stack up against the other top NFC contenders. If they don't fare far better in the coming weeks against the Saints, Eagles and Seahawks, there will be no choice but to conclude that they are a year away from being the real deal."

Last Week: 6

Change: -2

Last Week: 4

Change: -2

Last Week: 4

Change: -3

Last Week: 5

Change: -1

Last Week: 4

Change: -2


NFL.com — 5

ESPN.com — 5

Yahoo! Shutdown Corner — 3

Pro Football Talk — 5

The Washington Post — 3

USA Today — 5

CBS Sports — 4

Bleacher Report — 3

Sports Illustrated — 3

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