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Rams, SoCal Honda Dealers recognize Barbra Lyons as a Community Quarterback

The Los Angeles Rams recognized their second Community Quarterback Winner of 2019, BARBRA LYONS, on-field during pregame of the 49ers-Rams matchup on Sunday, October 13. The Community Quarterback Award, presented by SoCal Honda Dealers, is a volunteer recognition and grant program that awards funding to deserving volunteers and the non-profits that they serve.

"We are absolutely thrilled that Barbra has received the attention she so deserves. She has had to overcome more than her fair share of obstacles in her young life, but she still is incredibly driven, generous, thoughtful and supportive," said Director of Communications & Special Events of Walk WWith Sally, Page Sacks. "Her dedication to Walk WWith Sally has been outstanding and we are so appreciative of the hours she has put in to help the organization expand and grow. We're thrilled at this opportunity to honor her publicly through the Rams."

Attending the 49ers-Rams matchup was a first for Lyons. Growing up in Los Angeles, Lyons had a unique experience at her first NFL game in the historic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. As a result of the day, she's found a new interest in professional football and now aspires to one day work in the NFL.

Barbra Lyons was honored by the LA Rams and SoCal Honda Dealers as a Community QB for her contribution to Walk with Sally!

"I've grown up in LA and it was inspiring cool to go to the Coliseum where so many different historic sports events have happened, like the Olympics," said Lyons. "Just walking down the stairs to the field was really cool, and to putting myself in different athletes' shoes who have done the same thing, was a cool experience and walk down those stairs. It was a lot of fun cool to see the Rams warming up too. After attending the game, I'm interested in working in the NFL one day. Being able to bridge community service, Walk Wwith Sally and football and iscommunity service with football is cool and a unique experience. It was great to see the three aspects come together on Sunday."

Lyons began volunteering at Walk Wwith Sally (WWS) at the age of 12 after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and her father had undergone heart surgery. Once Lyons entered high school, she became a part of the program's Young Leadership Club and never missed an event from freshman to senior year, which led her to become the leader of all program mentees. Known to be the first volunteer to arrive and the last to leave, she has made an impression on her community and was even named one of the "Under 19" awardees for the South Bay Magazine, recognizing individuals for their positive impact in their local communities.

"My hope is that I've inspired some of the younger kids and given them somebody to look up to," said Lyons. "It's an honor to be able to go to different program events that they had and give back to the community that has given me so much."

Six years after being introduced to WWS, Lyons is always trying to better herself and help within her community. She is currently in her freshman year at UCLA as a Pre-Psychobiology major and is more than grateful for the opportunities WWS has provided for her.

"WWS has been with me every step of the way as I go off into this new chapter of my life. This support system that WWS has provided for my dad and I over the years has shown me that we are truly loved and supported by those around us," said Lyons. "Overall, the program has provided me with friendships that will last a lifetime, leadership skills that I can use for the rest of my life, and a community that loves and supports me. I would not be the person I am today without WWS."

WWS provides hope through their individualized mentoring and community support services to empower children experiencing trauma through a parent, guardian or sibling's cancer journey.

To nominate an outstanding volunteer for the Community Quarterback Award, please click here. here.