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Rams to Travel Second Most Miles in NFL in 2017


Los Angeles is a travel destination for many across the world. However, the Los Angeles Rams will be spending a considerable amount of time on the road in 2017.

The Rams will travel a total of 32,622 miles this season, which is second only to the Oakland Raiders.

Last season, the Rams traveled more than any team with a total of 32,072 miles, which was more than the Bears, Browns, Packers and Ravens combined. The 2016 schedule took the team to locations such as New York, Detroit and London.

This year the squad will return to the United Kingdom for more fish and chips. A round trip flight across the pond (LAX to Heathrow Airport) is a little over 10,880 miles, which is more than the Pittsburgh Steelers will travel the entire 2017 season (7,920 miles).

*Note: The team's mileage could change. For example, the Rams take on the Jaguars before heading to London and could stay in Florida rather than returning to California. The current calculated mileage is based on round trip travel after each away game.

2017 Season Total Miles Traveled, Courtesy of American Airlines
(Miles totaled from LAX airport to destination airport)

Regular SeasonRoundtrip Miles
San Francisco 49ers676
Dallas Cowboys2,490
Jacksonville Jaguars4,302
Arizona Cardinals (London)10,898
New York Giants4,944
Minnesota Vikings3,070
Arizona Cardinals740
Seattle Seahawks1,912
Tennessee Titans3,590

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