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TRANSCRIPT: Woods, Quinn, Barwin, and Robey-Coleman Arrive at Training Camp

Rams WR Robert Woods – Training Camp Arrivals – July 28, 2017 

(On what he is most excited about this year)

"Really just to get back on the field. It has seemed like a long offseason since I have been with the guys. I just want to see my teammates, see my friends, get back at it, get on the field and put in a lot of work. The season is just about here, but we just have to put in the work and then finish it up."* *

(On his big offseason news)

"Yeah, traveling, took a vacation, got engaged to my girlfriend and just wanted to end the offseason right. I had plans on doing so and just finally finished it up and just did it right."* *

(On how it is going to feel being back and playing in the Los Angeles Coliseum)

"It feels good. I have been playing well there, set some records there, a lot of wins there. I am just trying to do the same thing with the Rams – a lot of wins. We need to rack up the wins, get to the playoffs and just have an exciting offense, have the Coliseum rocking again – have it loud as it can be because it is a very loud stadium and just dominate once again." 

(On what he thinks the difference between the Rams training camp and his past training camps with the Bills will be)

"I feel like with the Bills, I experienced both sides. I had (former Bills Head Coach) Doug Marrone and (former Bills Head Coach) Rex Ryan. Meetings went until 9 p.m. with Doug Marrone and with Rex Ryan, meetings went until 6 p.m. I see here that meetings are back to 9 p.m. But just seeing both sides of it. Really, I am just ready to get back to training camp because training camp is a grind, you have to put in the work and take care of your body – it is a long process, but at the same time you have to get better and maintain your body."* *

(On if he got together with QB Jared Goff in the offseason)

"Yeah, we did. We only got together once or twice down in the OC (Orange Country). We were throwing and stuff and connecting. Really, it was just me and him. There were other guys out there as well, but he was throwing to me, we were making sure our timing was connected and down. I know he has been connecting with other guys as well throughout the offseason, but as long as we got our timing I feel like we will pick back up where we left off in OTAs." 

(On how he thinks his timing with Goff is right now as he gets ready to start training camp)

"I feel like it is good. We have been communicating a lot – that is the biggest thing. After every route we are talking about the route, about how we want the ball or just if the DB plays like this and just anticipating certain looks and coverages. I think that will help us a lot when we get out here and then in the season, we will just already know each other and what we are thinking."  

(On his impression of Goff)

"I think he is a really good quarterback. He is really smart, he delivers the ball very accurately, strong arm, he knows where to go with the ball when he sees it and I think he is a very good quarterback – just protect him, give him the time and we still have to do our job as receivers and tight ends and get open. (Head Coach) Sean McVay and (offensive coordinator) Matt LaFleur will definitely create the plays and mismatches for the guys to get us open." * *



Rams OLB Robert Quinn – Training Camp Arrivals – July 28, 2017

(On how hot is too hot for his beanie)

"If you're from the South and it's 90-100, however hot it is, it's really humid, so this heat out here compares nothing to what I'm used to. It's great weather. It's perfect all the time, what they say." 

(On why he brought a speaker)

"C'mon, you don't know me by now? No, I love my music. I just wanted to bring my sound system with me so when I get a little relaxation time I can crank up a little bit and listen to my tunes. That's what I love to do." 

(On not participating in minicamp due to thumb issue)

"I messed it up a little bit. I'll be full-go come Day One. It was just a little nicked, but they sent trainers and doctors to make sure they took care of it as best as they could and they said I'll be ready to go Day One and take it from there." 

(On how he feels coming into camp with the new coaching staff)

"During OTAs and minicamp, I think it was a great time. Even offseason workouts, guys just to build some bonds. Like I said during OTAs, once the offense got going, defense got going, the camaraderie could actually build on the field. You can see guys and things starting to click, so I think training cap is going to be a little more focused on it, trying to perfect it a lot more than we did during the OTAs. Like I said, it's go time. This (time) you have to make sure your craft is perfected. I think guys are ready to do that." 

(On the transition from the 4-3 defense to the 3-4)

"I'd say the first day or two was a little rough and it was really just the stance, but you practice and practice makes perfect. I'm getting more comfortable with it. The less I think about it, I think that lets me know I'm more comfortable with it, so before OTAs ended, that's how I felt. I'm ready to get back to doing it come practice."

(On his expectations of training camp with the new coaching staff)

"From day one, I've just seen the expectations, once we got (Head) Coach (Sean) McVay as our new head coach, I've just seen the expectations kind of change with the guys. Guys are definitely excited. You just see guys like that, (DT Dominique Easley) Dom just rolling up on his golf cart. You can't really describe it, you have to be in the locker room to feel the brotherhood and connection. This group of men have come from so many different backgrounds. They come from different teams, different scenarios, but to build a brotherhood just like that, that's what makes it special. Going into year seven, it's just a different feeling, so I got my fingers crossed and I'm ready to see what we can make happen." 

(On if he's had the chance to speak with DT Aaron Donald recently)

"Slightly. I know his whole situation and to be honest I'm not a business manager or agent or any of that. I leave that stuff alone, so that really has nothing to do with me. As our coach says, 'It's a fun game and serious business'. That's just the business side of it." 

(On if not having Donald at training camp is a distraction)

"No, not at all. You look, even during OTAs, guys didn't let it become a problem. We know it's hard, we know he wants to be here. My college coach told me, he said, 'Make plays, get paid', so it kind of balances itself out. Aaron has a great heart. He loves playing football, first and foremost. He's just going through a tough little situation right now. Like I said, the guys have his back and once he finally decides to come out here we'd love to see his face and take it from there."* *



Rams OLB Connor Barwin – Training Camp Arrivals – July 28, 2017

(On how good he thinks this defense can be)

"Well, I think we had a good offseason, good OTAs, good minicamp, but now we got to kind of put in the work you need to put in during training camp and make sure that we take the next month and improve and be a lot better a month from now than we are today." 

(On what the team should expect from a training camp under defensive coordinator Wade Phillips)

"I would say that it's fun and it's intense. Wade is really going to really make sure, like I said, people are improving. Wade, as I am sure you guys are starting to learn – Wade wants to make sure that everyone knows exactly what they are doing. Wade doesn't allow people to make mistakes and he will become very frustrated with you if you do not learn that through training camp, which I learned and everyone is going to learn. People saw that during OTAs and minicamp, but when you are here now this is the big show and if you are continuing to make the same mistakes here, that is the kind of player that you are going to be this season. So you need to show that you can continue to learn and improve. Wade has been around for a long time, obviously. He knows what camp is like and part of that is having fun and getting to know the guys better as well." 

(On if he expects this camp to be similar or different from previous camps with the Eagles and Texans)

"Yeah, they are the same, but they are all different, I guess. This is the first time I have ever done the kind of college, go away somewhere and do camp. This is my ninth camp. In Houston we did it right there, we traveled a couple times to go practice against the Saints. In Philly, we did it right there at our facility, we went to New England and practiced against them, so I have done that part – I know that we are going to practice against the Chargers. I have done that, which I really enjoy. But I have never done the dorms, which we will see how it goes."  

(On it being a while since he lived in a dorm)

"Yeah, it has been a while, it has been a long time. But it looks nice. The biggest thing is, I think we are here for three weeks? So, usually when you do camp at home, veterans are usually in the hotel for like a week and then they go home, so this will be a change, being here for so long."

(On his honeymoon)

"Yes. If anyone is going to Italy, hit me up. I have plenty of recommendations. We had a great time. My wife planned the whole thing. It is a beautiful part of the world. We had a great time. It was very relaxing, very refreshing, so we spent about 10 days over there. It was really nice. I went right after the offseason ended." 

(On how much weight he gained this summer)

"Surprisingly, I didn't gain any weight. I still, at 30-years old, still have a pretty fast metabolism, so when I am not training seriously, I still lose weight. I am always trying to eat as much as I can to keep my weight up."* *



Rams CB Nickell Robey-Coleman – Training Camp Arrivals – July 28, 2017

(On what he's most excited about coming to training camp this year)

"Really just starting something new, coming to something new. I'm happy to be in L.A. It's a new experience at the NFL level. I'm just here, open, ready to learn, ready to have fun."

(On living in Los Angeles)

"I stay out here in L.A. I did a little traveling to see my family, and just stay around and train."

(On his sense for his role coming into this defense)

"We're just starting things back up so I'm ready to get back on the field, get back in the meeting rooms, get back in the special teams meeting rooms and see the excitement from coaches. I really don't know what's coming up, just take it day-by-day." 

(On how talented the defense is)

"There's a lot of talent. Being around the guys in OTAs, sensing that the defensive line, those guys are real leaders of the defense and (DT) Aaron Donald, (OLB) (Robert) Quinn - they really lead our defense and you can see it. Then the secondary holding up the backend. Other than that just having fun, just really happy to get back on the field."

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