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What They're Saying: The New Orleans Saints


Each week will be taking a look at what Los Angeles' opponents have to say about facing the Rams. Heading into Week 12 of the regular season, check out what the New Orleans Saints' coaches and players had to say about their upcoming matchup against the Los Angeles Rams at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum:

On the hallmarks of a Wade Phillips defense:

"I would say the coverage scheme would start with man principles. In other words, he does a good job of mixing up his single safety man defense (and) two-man. They play some quarters looks (that) they match. There aren't many spots where you are just sitting down. They do a real good job of matching their coverage to your personnel and contesting throws. I think over the years he's built it from a 3-4 front, played some variations from it. You're seeing even some tweaks this year. I think the technique (is sound). You don't see many mental errors. You see guys knowing what to do and doing it awfully well."

  • Saints' HC Sean Payton

"Wade Phillips is a guy who coached with the San Diego Chargers when I was there. Obviously we played against him a number of times. I have so much respect for him. He's one of the most respected guys from my perspective in the league. You know the type of defense that's going to be. You know the type of energy they're going to play with and we're going to have to match that and execute to perfection."

  • Saints' QB Drew Brees

On how difficult facing the Rams will be in Week 12:

"They're a division leader. They're just coming off of a tough loss on the road and I'm sure they're going to be wanting to turn that team around at home. So, I'm sure we're going to get their best shot. All we can do is prepare and focus on ourselves and correct the mistakes from the day, improve tomorrow and get ready to go out there and play our best game."

  • Saints' RB Mark Ingram

"We understand the challenges that are coming up ahead of us. Don't look any further than the Rams. They're fighting for the exact same things that we are fighting for and they have had a phenomenal season thus far. We know it's going to be an extremely tough matchup for us. Playing these guys last year, they've got really, really good personnel. Sean McVay has done a tremendous job there."

  • Saints' QB Drew Brees

On what he has seen from WR Sammy Watkins this season:

"He's a guy that has tremendous speed and can get down the field and get behind you. There are a handful of things they are doing extremely well with him. I think Sean (McVay) and those guys on offense have had outstanding play design creativity. They're changing plays at the line, they are changing plays in the red zone trying to get to some advantageous looks and they are clearly on the same page and they do a good job with their tempo to allow themselves time to do that. I think he's found a niche there and a home there and I'm talking about Sammy."

  • Saints' HC Sean Payton

On quarterback Jared Goff and his deep ball: 

"He throws some deep balls, but there's probably about 20-30 balls he's overthrown. He should have more than that, which is pretty unbelievable. But yeah, they do take shots. It's all predicated off their run game with Todd Gurley. Everything runs through him. They're going to run you, run you, run you and then take their play action shots. You just have to make sure you stay on top of Sammy Watkins.

  • Saints' S Kenny Vaccaro

On what makes Todd Gurley so difficult to defend:

"He is strong. I think he has tremendous balance and I think he has this burst through a hole that you saw on (his) college tape. Where he can hit it and crease you quickly. He's very comfortable catching the football and he can block the pressures. He checks these boxes and there's not one area where you say he can only catch check downs. He is a viable target in the passing game and an extremely explosive runner." 

  • Saints' HC Sean Payton

On head coach Sean McVay and quarterback Jared Goff:

"It's very important. I don't know Sean McVay very well. I had a few text conversations with him this offseason actually. From everything I've heard he's an extremely talented guy and obviously very well-liked and has done a really, really good job there. He's put together a great staff. I feel like I've been with many coaches on his staff in different places, from college (at) Purdue, to San Diego to here. He's really done a tremendous job all the way around. Jared Goff is playing really, really good football and obviously he has some weapons around him too. Their team that has the same belief and confidence that we do, they're rolling and we have to play our best game when we go there."

  • Saints QB' Drew Brees

On if Todd Gurley is the best running back they have seen this year:

"He's one of them. I mean Devonta Freeman is good. I'm trying to think of who else we have on our schedule, but we play a lot of good backs. It seems like every team has a star back these days. But yeah he's playing at an elite level right now and now their offense kind of runs through him."

  • Saints' S Kenny Vaccaro
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